Nov 6, 2019
The HR Metrics Tool is a joint collaboration between ASHHRA and PwC to benchmark critical workforce measures. This tool can help you gain a better understanding of your HR function, consistently measure metrics against your peers in health care, and access personalized reports. Included this year…
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Apr 23, 2019
ASHHRA offers a variety of tools that align with the core competencies of the association. All of the tools are designed meet the specific needs of the HR professional in health care. ASHHRA continues to build upon these offerings for added member value.
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HR Metrics Tool

Jun 25, 2018
ASHHRA, in collaboration with PwC Saratoga, offers the HR Metrics Tool each year. The goal of this collaboration is to enable ASHHRA members to benefit from PwC's expertise in HR analytics and knowledge of the health care field in order to obtain relevant benchmarks for workforce and HR metrics.