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[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION]: View this session to learn what strategies Avera implemented across their system to improve first-year retention resulting in an estimated cost savings of $7,000,000.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SEASSION]: Through an interactive and often hilarious process, participants will see how common—yet easily avoidable—practices and misconceptions around the recognition process often unintentionally sabotage engagement efforts, break down communication, and lead individuals and teams to unnecessary conflict and burnout.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Nurses under the age of 35 are a lot like nurses in other age groups, with one key difference, millennial nurses are less likely to plan to stay at your organization in their first three years of tenure, even if they’re engaged. Learn how to build a millennial-specific retention strategy to keep younger nurses at your organization beyond their first few years.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] As the regions growth expanded, unemployment fell below three percent, and the demand for talent grew, this program was designed to provide a pipeline of talent for quality mid-level clinic leaders and develop a career path to retain front line employees in the Austin/Round Rock Region. Over the past three years, the High Potential Program has resulted in 53% of the participants being promoted and a 90% participant retention rate.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Success starts with senior leadership. CHRISTUS Health has taken an innovative approach and reduced leadership turnover by 50% with a focus on recruitment, assimilation and retention. Learn about their strategies, including the use of executive behavioral assessment data to evaluate culture fit, drive onboarding and support executive success.