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[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] An estimated one million service members are expected to enter the civilian workforce in the coming years. The U.S. Military spends billions each year training these men and women, developing competent and highly motivated leaders. As a result, most vets emerge from their military careers with proven records of positive employment outcomes. This should be a wonderful source of star employees for our facilities, yet these heroes actually end up facing the biggest battles of their careers as they transition to the civilian workforce.
[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Explore current hiring and talent trends related to medical assistants both regional and national levels. Presenters share common mistakes and best practices to overcome talent shortages in an economical and efficient manner using real examples from different health care systems. 
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Learn about a more effective, objective and efficient way of selecting front line staff, nurses, managers, physicians and leaders. Incorporate “evidence-based” hiring approaches that support organization-wide efforts.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Learn how Mayo Clinic transformed physician recruitment by centralizing their physician recruitment model. Review the reasons for the change, advantages of the model, lessons learned, customer impact and future enhancements.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] An increasingly diverse array of health care organizations are going after the same pool of talent, and competition is getting fierce. To succeed, you need to shift from an “employer-centric” approach to recruiting to a “candidate-centric” one, where applying is easy and candidates hear back fast. Learn how to make the switch in this session.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] This On-Demand Conference Session concentrates on the unique needs of hospital HR professionals to establish systems and procedures that result in rapid and cost-effective onboarding of physicians and other types of LIPs.
[ON-DEMAND BUNDLE] Conveniently packaged for you are the best of the best 2018 recruitment conference sessions. Each recording is sure to assist in your recruitment strategy. This bundle gives you access to 3 sessions for the price of 2!