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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR]: Presenters will describe some of the recent neuroscience around change and why it is hard for people to move away from the “how things have always been” mentality. HR leaders will be able to utilize emotional intelligence to facilitate effective change management.
[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR]: Modified from Maslow’s hierarchy, this model directs leaders to address basic physical and mental health needs first; physical safety second; and then address higher order needs including respect from colleagues, patients, processes and the Electronic Health Record; appreciation and connection; and finally, time and resources to heal patients and contribute to the greater good.
[HR PULSE ARTICLE] Known for its innovative care models, Georgia’s WellStar Health System decided it was time to walk the talk about health when it came to its own employees. Seventy percent of its 20,000-plus team members are overweight or obese, which is unfortunately all-too-typical of health care workers nationwide.
[HR PULSE ARTICLE] A few years back, Nicklaus Children’s Health System (formerly known as Miami Children’s) decided there was room for improvement in its internally managed employee wellness program, part of a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that also encompassed financial wellness and work-life balance.