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HR Pulse Article
[HR Pulse Article] By Bridget Berkland, M.A., NBC-HWC; Kaisa Wieneke, M.P.H; Ronald Menaker, Ed.D., CPA; and Charlotte Brunholzl, M.A., R.T.(R) Forward-looking organizations recognize it is essential to assess the workplace environment and how it impacts employees’ experiences. Research has been well-documented on how burnout decreases health care employees’ job satisfaction, engagement, well-being and quality of patient care. This demonstrates the urgent need to identify innovative approaches to address this issue.
On-Demand Educational Webinars
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Millennials are (or will be) the largest percent of the health care workforce, yet hospitals across the country are reporting heightened turnover among this cohort. Using engagement data from 1.25 million caregivers and Memorial Hermann’s efforts to create a culture that leverages all generations, this on-demand session will provide meaningful solutions.
HR Pulse Article
[HR PULSE ARTICLE]: The business case for nurturing a robust organizational culture in health care can be seen in some of the recent performance metrics coming out of Dallas-based Parkland Health & Hospital System. Since the launch of an integrated improvement strategy in 2015, the 850-bed safety net hospital has moved the needle on workforce engagement from the ninth percentile to the above the 30th percentile, decreased employee turnover by almost 2.5 percentage points in one year, increased the number of units with top-tier engagement by nearly 300% and consistently improved performance on the global Likelihood to Recommend metric — an indicator of patient loyalty.