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[HR PULSE ARTICLE]: The U.S. health care system is feeling the strain of the national nursing shortage and spending billions of dollars to recruit and retain health care professionals in an attempt to fill it. Staffing shortages are projected to intensify as experienced nurses near retirement age and the population continues to grow. In response, medical providers are being challenged to be more creative in the strategies used to attract and retain health care workers to meet this growing gap in the workforce.
[HR PULSE ARTICLE] Organizational culture in health care is a powerful driver of performance across measures of safety, quality and patient experience. Performance in each of these domains — individually and collectively — directly influences organizations’ ability to compete in today’s rapidly evolving health care marketplace.
[HR PULSE ARTICLE]: Increasing demand for health care services and the clinicians that provide them is putting tremendous pressure on hospitals and other health care organizations. Add to that the increase in competition from the more than 11,800 urgent care and retail facilities drawing from the same talent pool and you have a set of circumstances that can be challenging for the health care talent acquisition teams.