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[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SEASSION]: Through an interactive and often hilarious process, participants will see how common—yet easily avoidable—practices and misconceptions around the recognition process often unintentionally sabotage engagement efforts, break down communication, and lead individuals and teams to unnecessary conflict and burnout.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Millennials are (or will be) the largest percent of the health care workforce, yet hospitals across the country are reporting heightened turnover among this cohort. Using engagement data from 1.25 million caregivers and Memorial Hermann’s efforts to create a culture that leverages all generations, this on-demand session will provide meaningful solutions.
[HR PULSE ARTICLE]: The business case for nurturing a robust organizational culture in health care can be seen in some of the recent performance metrics coming out of Dallas-based Parkland Health & Hospital System. Since the launch of an integrated improvement strategy in 2015, the 850-bed safety net hospital has moved the needle on workforce engagement from the ninth percentile to the above the 30th percentile, decreased employee turnover by almost 2.5 percentage points in one year, increased the number of units with top-tier engagement by nearly 300% and consistently improved performance on the global Likelihood to Recommend metric — an indicator of patient loyalty.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Nurses under the age of 35 are a lot like nurses in other age groups, with one key difference, millennial nurses are less likely to plan to stay at your organization in their first three years of tenure, even if they’re engaged. Learn how to build a millennial-specific retention strategy to keep younger nurses at your organization beyond their first few years.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Learn about the HR initiatives launched by Parkview Health that culminated in a 10% reduction in first-year turnover and an increase from the 75th percentile to the 90th percentile for co-worker engagement in a three-year period. Parkview integrated HR strategies that support the mission and vision of their organization. 
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] While compensation does not directly drive engagement, it does enable key drivers of engagement to be optimized thus indirectly triggering engagement. This shifts typical views of compensation from unimportant to important in building engagement. Saint Luke’s Health System advanced modeling finds that compensation powerfully interacts with engagement drivers. 
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Dr. Philip Adamo shares his experience implementing changes in employee health programs. He highlights how human resources plays a key role in driving changes that impact employee engagement and discuss how to work effectively with your Medical Director to prioritize and implement change.
[HR PULSE ARTICLE] When Forbes recognized Sentara Healthcare as one of America’s Best Employers this past spring 2018, Sentara’s senior leadership team was excited, honored — and pleasantly surprised. “We were unaware we were being considered,” explains Becky Sawyer, Senior Corporate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for Sentara Healthcare.