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[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] While compensation does not directly drive engagement, it does enable key drivers of engagement to be optimized thus indirectly triggering engagement. This shifts typical views of compensation from unimportant to important in building engagement. Saint Luke’s Health System advanced modeling finds that compensation powerfully interacts with engagement drivers. 
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Dr. Philip Adamo shares his experience implementing changes in employee health programs. He highlights how human resources plays a key role in driving changes that impact employee engagement and discuss how to work effectively with your Medical Director to prioritize and implement change.
[HR PULSE ARTICLE] Known for its innovative care models, Georgia’s WellStar Health System decided it was time to walk the talk about health when it came to its own employees. Seventy percent of its 20,000-plus team members are overweight or obese, which is unfortunately all-too-typical of health care workers nationwide.
[HR PULSE ARTICLE] Employers faced with requests for extended leave or additional leave following the expiration of Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or other protected leave are in a quandary. The end of “protected leave” is not necessarily an opportune time to end an employment relationship — even if the employer believes the employee will not return to work — as the employer must ensure it does not fall into a claim of disability discrimination, failure to accommodate, or failure to engage in the interactive process.
[HR PULSE ARTICLE] A few years back, Nicklaus Children’s Health System (formerly known as Miami Children’s) decided there was room for improvement in its internally managed employee wellness program, part of a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that also encompassed financial wellness and work-life balance.
[ON-DEMAND CONFERENCE SESSION] Big data is revolutionizing the way health care is delivered, but what’s less well understood is how we can use it to manage our workforce. This session demonstrates data sources and methods that health care HR practitioners can use to make better decisions and gain insights about their employees.