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Tue, Aug 11, 2020, 01:00 PM – Tue, Aug 11, 2020, 02:00 PM


$45.00 ASHHRA Member | $85.00 ASHHRA Non-member | 1.5 CEUs (HRCI, SHRM, CHHR)



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Among the most engaged people in the workforce are those who feel appreciated and recognized for their work. However, if rewarding employees becomes the norm, it begins to resemble an expectation instead of a symbol of recognition. Similarly, the most meaningful motivation doesn’t come from basic “tit for tat” responses to performance. Rather, employers should strive to develop the intrinsic, non-contingent rewards that arise organically and in real time, which reach beyond expectations and create authentic appreciation that sustains positive work ethic.

This interactive webinar is designed to help health care leaders find new strategies for recognizing their care team for heightened appreciation and engagement. Speakers Cynthia King, Ph.D., and Kathy Boswell will introduce the REWARDS model of implementable recognition practices, such as rounding to actively notice opportunities for recognition and reflection exercises to strengthen recognition initiatives.


  1. Identify intrinsic needs for engagement.
  2. Shift the perception of rewards and recognition.
  3. Develop simple tools for rewards/recognition and building personal connections with employees.




ASHHRA Member: $45.00
ASHHRA Non-member: $85.00

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Cynthia King

Dr. Cynthia King, Ph.D. 
Director of Client Organizational Development, PRC, Inc.

Dr. Cynthia King, Ph.D., is dedicated to uncovering the underlining fundamental needs that drive employee engagement. Her research has found that employees’ perceptions and well-being improve by providing interpersonal and workplace support. Cynthia’s research background, along with her dedication to improving overall employee relations, make her a strong asset at PRC. As Director of Client Organization Development, she leads the Employee Engagement division and is responsible for the development of the Engagement Index used to help health care organizations find effective and efficient ways to engage employees and caregivers in their overall culture. Considered an expert in Action Planning for Excellence, she is an accomplished speaker and published author. She received a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Learning Cognition, Motivation and Instruction, and an M.A. in Program Evaluation from the University of Texas at Austin..

Kathy Boswell

Kathy Boswell 
Senior Coach and National Speaker, Excellence Accelerator, PRC, Inc.

Kathy Boswell brings her passion for life and service to her work. Her strong experience in a variety of service industries enables her to bring a unique perspective to healthcare. Kathy combines her significant proficiency in health care human resources and organizational development with her customer service work, resulting in highly effective coaching and mentoring techniques. A strategic thinker, Kathy focuses on solutions, approaching improvement with creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Her exceptional communication and presentation skills make her a sought-after presenter and coach. She has a track record for designing and teaching tools and methods that truly change behavior and, ultimately, the experience for every patient in each hospital she works with. She began her career in account services, customer service, and training, and quickly moved into leadership roles. Her first health care positions utilized her extensive relationship-building talents and offered her the opportunity to get to know and understand the special challenges of patients, families, and others in the community. Next, she was promoted into senior leadership positions, overseeing the patient experience in a multiple hospital system. Her success in that role led to overseeing corporate-level organization effectiveness, with responsibility for strategy, design and implementation for five hospitals and more than 40 clinics.