Performance Management Toolkit

Performance management is the method of engaging, motivating, and guiding an employee thru an established process of setting specific, measurable, action oriented, time bound, relevant (SMART) goals, assessing progress, delivering feedback, coaching for improvement of outcomes, and recognizing and rewarding achievements.



White Papers and Articles

White Papers and Articles



Member Shared Resources
ASHHRA would like to thank the members from the following organizations for contributing to this toolkit:

  • FHS, Inc.
  • Humility Mary Health Partners
  • Intermountain Healthcare
  • Knute Nelson
  • Intermountain Healthcare
  • South Bend Medical Foundation, Inc. (SBMF)
  • WakeMed Health & Hospitals

Partner Shared Resources
ASHHRA would like to thank the following partners for contributing to this toolkit:

  • Center for Healthcare Governance (CHG)
  • Development Dimensions International (DDI)
  • Halogen
  • Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET)
  • HealthcareSource 
  • Hodes Group
  • HR Solutions, Inc. 


  1. Constructive Discipline Policy (PDF)
    Intermountain Healthcare

  2. Leadership Scorecard (PDF)

  3. Corrective Action and Code Of Conduct (PDF)
    Humility Of Mary Health Partners

  4. Disciplinary Policy (PDF)
    South Bend Medical Foundation, Inc.

  5. Employee Review Process Policy (PDF)
    Knute Nelson

  6. Sample Performance Improvement Plan Form (PDF)

  7. Talent Review Worksheet (PDF)
    Intermountain Healthcare

  8. Performance Assessment Policy (PDF)

  9. Performance Appraisals (PDF)

  10. Performance Management General Guidelines & Overview (PDF)
    South Bend Medical Foundation, Inc.

  11. Sample Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) (PDF)

  12. Sample Performance Evaluation Policy (PDF)
    Intermountain Healthcare

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White Papers and Articles
White Papers and Articles

  1. Allied Hospital Association Leadership for Quality
    HRET, July 2011

  2. What To Do If Your Boss Is A Low Performer (PDF)
    Studer Group

  3. Competency-Based Governance: A Foundation for Board and Organizational Effectiveness (PDF)
    Center for Healthcare Governance and HRET

  4. Building Work Environments That Engage by Terri Howard (PDF)
    FEI Behavioral Health, HR Pulse, June 2011

  5. Changing Workplace Managing Healthcare Worker Now Future (PDF) 
    By Keith Haeberle, Integrated Healthcare Strategies, HR Pulse, September 2011

  6. Highest Highs, Lowest Lows: Healthcare Industry Highlights, Global Leadership Forecast (PDF)
    By Jazmine Boatman, Ph.D., and Debra Walker
    DDI, 2011

  7. Case Study: Less Paper and Greater Efficiency Allows CentraState More Focus on Delivering To-Notch Patient Care (PDF)
    Halogen, 2009

  8. Employee Performance Management: Making It a Reality in your Organization (PDF) 

  9. Rockford Health System Case Study: Healthcare Organization Achieves 100% On-Time Employee Performance Appraisals (PDF)

  10. The Joint Commission and Performance Management (PDF)
    HealthcareSource, March 2011

  11. Improving Employee Satisfaction through Effective Employee Performance Management (PDF)

  12. Make Your Next Step The Best Step (PDF)
    By Ashley Nuese
    HR Solutions, Inc.

  13. Management By Walking Around (MBWA) (PDF)
    HR Solutions, Inc., 2007

  14. Case Study: South Bend Medical Foundation Implements a Paperless Employee Performance Management Solution (PDF)
    Halogen, March 2008

  15. PowerPoint - Using Work-Force Practices to Drive Quality Improvement: A Guide for Hospitals (PDF)
    HRET, June 2010

  16. Using Work-Force Practices to Drive Quality Improvement: A Guide for Hospitals (PDF)
    HRET, June 2010


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