Orientation Toolkit

Call for Resources Open: Orientation Toolkit

ASHHRA would like to include you in the Call for Resources for the new ASHHRA Orientation Toolkit. Orientation is the process of assimilating a new team member to an organization. Components of the process can include organizational commitment to the employee in the areas of training, learning and development, total rewards, and compensation as well as organizational expectations of the employee in regards to engagement, behavior, performance, and commitment.  

What is needed?
Send in your originally created forms, templates, and best practices to become part of the ASHHRA Orientation Toolkit. The resource must currently be in use within the health care HR arena, specifically within your organization, and originally produced.

How will this be used?
These resources will augment the toolkit - exclusively available for free to your fellow ASHHRA members.

How do I submit my resource(s)?
Email your resource(s) to
ashhra@aha.org, with "ASHHRA Orientation Toolkit" on the subject line. All submissions should be in MSOffice or PDF format.

Resources are subject to approval. You will be notified if your submission will be utilized prior to toolkit release, and your approved submission will be recognized with a certificate of appreciation.


Last Updated: Tue Mar 7 2017