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White Papers and Articles

White Papers and Articles




Partner Shared Resources
ASHHRA would like to thank the following partners for contributing to this toolkit:

  • HRET
  • HR Solutions, Inc.
  • HPOE
  • Morehead Associates
  • Pinstripe
  • Studer Group 
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Women's Health 


  1. TeamSTEPPSTeamSTEPPS - Teamwork and Communication Tools HTML
    HPOE infographic HTML
    TeamSTEPPS—Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety—is designed to help health care providers improve patient safety through effective communication and teamwork skills.

  2. The Business Case For Breastfeeding: Steps for Creating a Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite HTML
    The Business Case for Breastfeeding is a comprehensive program designed to educate employers about the value of supporting breastfeeding employees in the workplace. The program highlights how such support contributes to the success of the entire business.
    The National Women's Health Information Center (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services , Office of Women's Health)

  3. What to Do If Your Boss Is a Low Performer PDF
    Studer Group

  4. Management By Walking Around (MBWA) PDF
    HR Solutions, Inc.

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White Papers and Articles
White Papers and Articles

  1. Aligning Talent Strategies with Healthcare Quality PDF
    Pinstripe, December 2013
  2. HealthcareSource and Plantree Release Healthcare HR Influence
    Survey Results
    HealthcareSource and Plantree, August 2013
  3. Are You Committed? Building Strong Mutual Respectful Relationships with Employees PDF
    Deborah Render, HR Pulse, Fall 2011

  4. Building Work Environments That Engage PDF
    Terri Howard, HR Pulse, Summer 2011

  5. Candidate Assessment: When Ignorance Is Not Bliss PDF
    Scott Fuhr, HR Pulse, Fall 2011

  6. Career Stat: A Guide to Making the Case for Investing in the Frontline Hospital Workforce PDF
    Randall Wilson and Robert Holm, April 2012

  7. A Changing Workplace: Managing the Healthcare Worker Now and in the Future PDF
    Kevin Haeberle, HR Pulse, Fall 2011

  8. Consistent Change: Dealing Effectively With Change in a Rapidly Evolving Healthcare Environment PDF
    Mitchell Best, HR Pulse, Fall 2011

  9. Creating Effective Physician Wellness PDF
    Mitchell Best, HR Pulse, Summer 2011

  10. Improving Employee Satisfaction in Healthcare through Effective Employee Performance Management PDF
    HealthcareSource, April 2011

  11. HR’s Current State: Our Role in Quality and Patient Safety PDF
    Michael DiPietro, HR Pulse, Winter 2011

  12. Using Work-Force Practices to Drive Quality Improvement: A Guide for Hospitals PDF
    HRET, June 2010

  13. CEO Gets a Buzz Cut as Employee Survey Participation Rate Reached 91.5% PDF
    HR Solutions, Inc.,
  14. Assessing Employee Engagement in a Unionized Environment PDF
    HR Solutions, Inc.
  15. Make Your Next Step, the Best Step PDF
    Ashley Nuese, HR Solutions, Inc.

  16. You Can’t Manage It If You Don’t Measure It: How Cape Fear Valley Started the Process of Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement PDF
    Michele Westphall,  HR Solutions, Inc.

  17. Virtual Health: Stellar Rise to Best-in-Class Status PDF
    HR Solutions, Inc.

  18. People Strategists: Driving a Culture of Health PDF
    Les C. Meyer, MBA, HR Pulse, Winter 2011

  19. Speaking Candidly: Encourage Employees to Share What’s Really on Their Minds PDF
    Deborah Render, HR Pulse, Summer 2011

  20. Thought Leader 2009: The Role of the Healthcare Human Resources in Advancing the Operational Efficiencies and Effectiveness PDF
    ASHHRA, July 23, 2009

  21. A Win Win Approach: Build and Strengthen Physician Engagement PDF
    Deborah Render, HR Pulse, Spring 2012

  22. Provena Health Case Study PDF
    Morehead Associates

  23. Guthrie Health Case Study PDF
    Morehead Associates

  24. Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady of Health System Case Study PDF
    Morehead Associates

  25. Community Medical Centers Case Study PDF
    Morehead Associates

  26. Bloomington Hospital Case Study PDF
    Morehead Associates

  27. Increasing Survey Response rate for Staff and Employed Physicians PDF
    Morehead Associates

  28. The ROI of Physician Engagement: What is the Physician Attitude Really Worth? PDF
    Morehead Associates

  29. How To Drive Physician Retention Thru Engagement PDF
    Morehead Associates

  30. Effective Goal Setting Using Morehead Employee Surveys PDF
    Morehead Associates

  31. How Often Should We Survey? The Impact of Survey Frequency PDF
    Morehead Associates

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  1. HR’s Role as a Catalyst for Change PDF
    Morehead Associates, July 2011
  2. Advocate Christ Medical Center Video Case Study PDF
    Morehead Associates

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