Executive Level

The executive level ASHHRA member is one who is a director, vice president, chief human resources officer or chief executive officer of a health care facility. As an executive in your field, ASHHRA recognizes your need for more strategic engagements that address the financial solvency and growth of your facility. As such, we offer these specific benefits to you:

Thought Leader Forum
The ASHHRA Thought Leader Forum (TLF) was derived for the ASHHRA Think Tank of board members and volunteer leaders. The TLF is comprised of CEOs from across the country that assembles for a discussion on a strategic issue in health care HR. The result is a summary of findings and a transcript that is available to all ASHHRA members.

Executive Symposium
Typically held at the ASHHRA annual conference, you may receive an invitation to participate in a session that includes a case study of a current business issue and discuss solutions. It involves strategic planning, cost structures and expert assessments from you and your health care HR colleagues.

The ASHHRA Board serves as the leadership of the organization, setting the mission, vision and strategic direction for the society. The board is comprised of the president, vice president, treasurer, two board members representing HR leadership in organizations across the continuum of care, an appointed health care facility CEO, four at-large board members, one regional board member, one new-to-the-profession practitioner with no more than five years experience in health care human resources and the immediate past president.

Speaking Engagements
Your fellow ASHHRA members and peers in health care human resources enjoy hearing about others’ experiences and lessons learned. Share your knowledge by submitting a webinar proposal or annual conference learning session. Build your own professional experience and reputation by presenting for your ASHHRA colleagues.

Publishing Opportunities
Share your expertise, knowledge and best practices by contributing an article, white paper or other resources to an ASHHRA publication. Publication options include the HR Pulse magazine or email newsletters such as ASHHRA Insider.

Based upon membership feedback, these specific benefits are most widely used by these practitioners but are not limited to them.  So we invite every ASHHRA member to take advantage of these benefits as well.

While most of what we offer is for ASHHRA members, there are a few resources that are available to anyone interested in obtaining information on the health care HR arena.

Last Updated: Wed May 30 2018