Talent, Rewards and Risk Survey Report

Readiness for Change: New Directions for the Hospital Industry
Towers Watson - ASHHRA Talent, Rewards and Risk Survey

More than 100 HR executives at U.S. hospitals and health care systems participated in the survey on the future of the hospital industry. Fifty-seven percent of respondents were from a hospital system and 31% were from a stand-alone hospital. The respondents represented a cross section of institutions, with 30% from large, 41% from medium and 29% from small organizations. The survey was fielded in June and July of 2011.

The results of the Talent, Rewards and Risk Survey, conducted by Towers Watson and ASHHRA, suggest that hospitals aren't adequately preparing for the sweeping changes health care reform will bring to the industry. Results indicate that many hospitals plan to use traditional approaches to remain competitive in the coming years, despite the inevitability that reform will radically alter hospital staffing, the patient load, the payer mix, the physician/hospital relationship and the delivery of care.

Key findings:

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Last Updated: Tue Mar 7 2017