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HR Pulse Magazine - Quarter 3 2016

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Articles are based on the themes for the 2016 issues of HR Pulse magazine:

Submission Due Dates


December 1, 2015


HR Delivery: Reach Beyond the Expected
 Creating High-Performance Culture  
     Elements of a game-changing talent strategy
 Health Care HR Week: March 13–19, 2016
     Resources, activities and ways to celebrate
 Metrics in Health Care HR
     HR analytics and knowledge for relevant benchmarks and HR metrics (PwC/HR Metrics Tool)
 The New Generation of Benefits
     The ways millennials are driving change in benefit offerings
 The Evolution of Social Media
     The new ways to leverage social media for recruitment
 Building a Learning Organization
     How a learning organization drives culture change and organizational outcomes
 Employee Surveys
     How analytics can turn into drivers of business outcomes
 Bullying in the Workplace
     A deep look at the business and personal impacts of bullying in the workplace
 Selecting for a Patient-Centric Culture
     Deploying a patient-focused selection-based cultural intervention


March 7, 2016


Employees: The Heart of Health Care – People Strategies: Lead with Your Heart
 Organizational Orientation
     How to create meaningful connections and bring your organizational culture to life
 Supporting the Frontline
     Ways to create happier patients and happier employees
 Recognition Programs
     Exploring recognition in the multi-generational workforce
 Maximizing Differences
     How different generations can support one another and maximize patient satisfaction
 Veterans and Health Care Careers
     Why well-meaning employers are missing the mark in hiring veterans
 The Wellness Wave
     The most effective wellness programs that impact population health
 Caring for Diverse Patient Populations
     How to help staff deliver culturally competent care


June 3, 2016

(Conference Edition)

Personal Leadership: Exemplify Excellence (Annual Conference issue)
 The Value of ASHHRA Annual Conference and Exposition
     What to expect and ways to make the most of your experience
 Health Care HR Women in Leadership
     How ASHHRA women are Leaning In to their organizations
 ASHHRA Advocacy Committee Annual Update and Position Papers
     An annual report on committee activities and ASHHRA stance on The Hill
 It Starts at the Top
     How to support frontline leaders to build a culture of engagement
 ROI on Leadership Development
     Make a compelling case for investing in leadership development
 The Language of Leadership
     How to frame and speak in a way that motivates and inspires others
 Engaging Our Front-Line in Leadership
     Why we need clinical staff to create leadership efficiencies to focus on quality care
 The Future of Work
     What the C-suite really wants and needs from HR


August 31, 2016

(Award Announcements)

The Business of Health Care – Healthcare Business Knowledge: Embrace New Learning
 Celebration of Excellence
     ASHHRA celebrates the achievements of award-winning members
 Understanding the IHI Triple Aim Framework
     HR’s impact on the patient experience, population health and per capita costs
 Long-Term Care and HR
     HR impacting their organizations through employee retention, training and support
 A Retail Future for Health Care?
     Analyzing the implications of retail consumerism in the new health care landscape
 The Business of Health
     How a culture of health for employees can improve population health
 New and Shifting Roles of the Future
     The evolution and creation of roles—including virtual—for the health care workforce
 Six Sigma and Lean Hospital Management
     Eliminating defects, improving operational excellence and how this ties into HR
 Unconscious Bias in Health Care
     How unconscious bias is compromising your commitment to talent and patients
 The New Consumer-Centric Approach
     How to design a five-star service experience for every candidate, customer and constituent