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Q1: SPRING 2019
Community Citizenship
Articles due Dec. 1, 2018;
Mail by Feb. 7, 2019

Community Citizenship

Subject matter may include:
  • Workforce planning with educational, corporate and/or organizational partners.
  • Importance of community engagement in workforce pipeline planning.
  • Trends in recruitment for new roles in the health care field.
  • Information on community engagement on social determinants of care (i.e., housing, food, etc.).
  • Improvement of community health care based on equity of care model.
  • Example or case study on your organization’s development and growth of health care careers.
Other ideas:
Q2: SUMMER 2019
Health Care Business Knowledge

Articles due March 12;
Mail by May 15, 2019

Business Knowledge


Subject matter may include:
  • Meeting the challenge of regulatory compliance.
  • Training HR professionals on the financial aspect of health care human resources.
  • Cybersecurity’s impact on HR.
Q3: FALL 2019
HR Delivery – Conference Issue Connect. Innovate. Transform.
Articles due June 11;
Mail by Aug. 13, 2019


Hr Delivery

Subject matter may include:
  • Technology that has improved productivity and efficiency within an organization.
  • Case study of an organization that has transformed using metrics and benchmarking data.
  • Labor relations issues and experiences.
  • Case study highlighting creative benefits development and delivery for the millennial populations.
Other ideas:
  • Featured exhibitors (create sponsorship opportunity).
  • Learning session speaker article.
Q4: WINTER 2019
Personal Leadership
Articles due Sept. 10;
Mail by Nov. 7, 2019

Personal Leadership

Subject matter may include:
  • Accolades given to an individual/organization that has demonstrated the mission and vision of their organization.
  • Improved community relations fostered through collaboration within the organization.
  • HR’s role in encouraging learning and self-growth.
  • Leading cultural change in the age of mergers and acquisitions.


 HR Leader Model

For more information, visit ashhra.org/hrleader.

Community Citizenship People Strategies HR Delivery Health Care Business Knowledge Personal Leadership

Community Citizenship

Raise Your Voice

People Strategies

Lead With Your Heart

HR Delivery

Reach Beyond the Expected

Business Knowledge

Embrace New Learning

Personal Leadership

Exemplify Excellence


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