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Health Care Reform - Strategic Implications for Hospitals and Health Systems
Original Webinar date: April 29, 2010

Congress has completed its yearlong effort to enact comprehensive Health Reform legislation.  However, for health care HR professionals, in particular hospitals and health systems, the work is just beginning.

To tackle the challenge of Health Reform, some organizations may consider forming cross-functional teams and mapping how the Reform process will affect their organizations. This Webinar will discuss how these teams can address Health Reform implications affecting financial, accounting, plan design and pricing; retiree medical, employee and stakeholder communications; reward strategy; labor relations; payroll; benefit administration and compliance, among others.

The impact of Health Reform not only applies in the traditional hospital and health care system employer sense but also applies to providers, benefit plan sponsors and charities.  This Webinar will consider the strategic implications and issues that are unique to hospitals including talent management, total rewards, labor relations, health benefits and more.  Towers Watson and Drinker Biddle experts will lead this thought-provoking 90-minute discussion that is not just for HR professionals but for finance professionals and the C-Suite.  All executives concerned with the impact of Health Reform are welcome to attend.

Learning Objectives:

Eric Parmenter, Senior Consultant, Towers Watson
Bruce Stickler, Partner, Drinker Biddle
Michael Rosenbaum, Partner, Drinker Biddle

Learning CD's  
  Webinars and conference materials from previous ASHHRA educational events.

New JCAHO Standards: What HR Professional Need to Know 
Catalog #319CD46
Member Price:$169.00 Each
Non-member Price: $199.00 Each


Workforce Challenges and their Solutions
Catalog #319CD47
Member Price:$169.00 Each
Non-member Price: $199.00 Each

Hospital Employees: Cost or Asset Examining Employee Lifestyles and Patient Health
Catalog #319CD48
Member Price:$169.00 Each
Non-member Price: $199.00 Each

Executive Compensation
Catalog #319CD49
Member Price:$169.00 Each
Non-member Price: $199.00 Each
Disaster Preparedness
Catalog #319CD50
Member Price:$39.00 Each
Non-member Price: $99.00 Each

Advocacy Update
Catalog #319CD51
Member Price:$39.00 Each
Non-member Price: $99.00 Each

The Maturing Workforce Effect
Catalog #319CD52
Member Price:$39.00 Each
Non-member Price: $99.00 Each
Thriving Through the Generational Shift
Catalog #319CD53
Member Price:$169.00 Each
Non-member Price: $199.00 Each
Measuring the ROI of a Diverse Organization
Catalog #319CD54
Member Price:$169.00 Each
Non-member Price: $199.00 Each

Leveraging Community Workforce Resources
Join Scott Sheely, Executive Director of the Lancaster County Investment Board, Lancaster, Pa., as he leads an interactive discussion about the substantial resources available through the public workforce development system. These services include labor exchange services, screening and assessment, incumbent worker training, liaison with healthcare education programs, and outreach efforts to the K-12 education system encouraging young people to consider healthcare careers. Scott will share best practices that highlight these community collaborations.

Catalog #319CD38
Member Price:  $169.00 Each
Non-member Price: $199.00 Each

What Do You Mean That Policy Applies To Me?
Join Michelle Bohreer, attorney and partner of Bohreer & Zucker LLP, (a Houston based law firm focusing on employment law and commercial litigation), as she discusses how policies can best be enforced in a workplace. Michelle will share her expertise and guide us in a discussion of representative employee situations, including the application of policies to long-term employees. During this interactive session, Michelle will also address questions regarding management's responsibilities for communicating policies to employees in an effective and appropriate manner. 

Catalog #319CD39
Member Price:  $169.00 Each
Non-member Price:  $199.00 Each

Nurse Compensation Class Action Antitrust Lawsuits
On June 20, class action lawsuits were filed in four cities (Albany, Chicago, Memphis, San Antonio) against local hospitals.  All plaintiffs were nurses whose attorneys, in addition to local law firms, were well-known plaintiff's class action lawyers.  The complaints all allege conspiracies to depress the compensation levels of registered nurses employed by the defendant hospitals in violation of the U.S. antitrust laws.

Join Robert C. Jones, partner at JonesDay, as he discusses some of the details of these antitrust lawsuits, including the involvement of the Service Employees International Union.  He will also share some of his own experiences as counsel for several of the defendants in the class action cases and as counsel for hospitals in similar actions brought by the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice against eight hospitals in Utah and the Utah Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (USHHRA) in 1994.

Catalog #319CD40
Member Price:  $169.00 Each
Non-member Price: $199.00 Each

What The Kentucky River Ruling Means To Your Organization
The National Labor Relations Board recently ruled — in a case involving Oakwood Healthcare of Dearborn, Michigan — that certain hospital charge nurses are management and therefore ineligible to join unions. How does this ruling affect your organization?  
ASHHRA presented this 90-minute Webinar discussing the "Kentucky River" ruling. Join G. Roger King, partner, Jones Day, and James G. Trivisonno, president, IRI Consultants to Management, Inc., for this informative learning session.

Catalog #319CD41  (Special Price)
Member Price:  $39.00 Each
Non-member Price: $99.00 Each

Courageous Dialogue
Robin L. Silverman, vice president of consulting with Right Management for an engaging lesson on "Courageous Dialogue." Silverman's model provides a tool to apply a structured process for accomplishing three key goals:

Confronting "tough" communication challenges to improve communication and relationships.  Inspiring others to higher levels of focus, commitment, and responsibility.  
Improving your inner dialogue so you can be clear, consistent, and confident in your ability to say what you mean and follow through on what you say.

Catalog #319CD42
Member Price:  $199.00 Each
Non-member price  $199.00 Each

Best Practices in Applicant Screening
Listen to applicant screening experts Stefan Keller, president and N. Alexander Erlam, general counsel with Certiphi Screening to learn more about the legal and practical considerations of applicant screening.  You will also gain a better understanding of potential risks, as well as the best ways to implement your screening process.
Catalog #319CD43
Member Price:  $169.00 Each
Non-member Price: $199.00 Each
News from the Hill: Legislative ‘Hot Topics’ 
AHA Federal Relations Senior Associate Director Carla Luggiero will give you a comprehensive legislative update. You will hear about issues such as the employee card check legislation, minimum wage, and other labor issues.  
Catalog #319CD44 (Special Price)
Member Price:  $39.00 Each
Non-member Price $99.00 Each

Best Practices in Implementing Online Performance Appraisals
Listen to HR systems expert Chris Cowan and learn how his organization has implemented a flexible de-centralized approach to employee performance appraisals that enables HR to play a strategic and proactive role. You will gain a better understanding of best practices when implementing an automated performance management system including getting investment from both key change agents and those departments that may struggle with technology and workflow.
Catalog #319CD45
Member Price:  $169.00 Each
Non-member Price: $199.00 Each

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