Products & Services

ASHHRA has three major product lines that are aligned with the core competencies of the association. All of the products are designed meet your specific needs in health care HR. We will continue offering the ‘right’ products in an effort to increase value of your membership.
I) Educational Resources
The focus is on all resources, products, services and programs that help you to enhance your professional skills and development, and assist you with becoming a well-trained leader or mentor in health care HR. The products in this category include:
  • HR Pulse – the official magazine for ASHHRA members
  • Webinars a learning resource led by ASHHRA members and partners with specific expertise in health care HR
  • ASHHRA Annual Conference & Exposition for networking and learning sessions focused on hot topics in health care HR, leadership and development
  • ASHHRA eNews Brief – a monthly electronic news publication that provides health care HR leaders with a variety of articles focused on HR issues in workforce strategies, recruitment and retention, compensation and benefits, and healthcare workforce shortages
  • ASHHRA/IFD Diversity eNews Brief  a monthly electronic publication in collaboration with the Institute for Diversity (IFD), gathering news and articles related to diversity issues
  • ASHHRA eLearning Network – a customized online learning platform that provides comprehensive health care HR knowledge in a self-paced format through online courses.

II) Networking & Knowledge
Networking & Knowledge provide you with the opportunity to meet, greet, and build relationships with other members via educational and social events. It also offers tools that will allow you to contact other members on a continuous basis. The products in this category include:

III) Tools & Resources
You have immediate access to all that ASHHRA has to offer on the website. The ASHHRA Resources Library gives you access to industry based information, surveys, processes and best practices that you can use to effectively manage your ROI. The products in this category include:

Last Updated: Tue Mar 7 2017