Joint ASHHRA / SHRM Membership

SAVE up to $40 when you join both associations through ASHHRA!

Joint ASHHRA/SHRM Member benefits include:

Membership Dues
Practitioner Consultant
ASHHRA Membership $160 $135 $210
SHRM Membership $199 $184 $199 $184


Joint ASHHRA/SHRM Membership
$359 $320* $409 $395*

PDF Membership ApplicationFax: (312) 422-3609

Mail: Send application with check (payable to ASHHRA of the AHA) to:

P.O. Box 75315
Chicago, IL 60675-5315

"The Joint ASHHRA/SHRM membership is a reliable and valuable resource for me. SHRM offers innovative HR ideas across industries that we can infuse into the health care industry through joint ASHHRA membership. ASHHRA provides connection and information sharing with other HR peers in the health care field across the nation."

~Tina Boeckenstedt
ASHHRA Region 8 Consultant

*Includes a $1 processing fee.

Last Updated: Mon Jul 24 2017