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As HR leaders, you know the value of industry data in the strategic planning and development of your organization.  ASHHRA offers members a variety of healthcare industry specific reports that keep you up to date on a range of issues across the country, and help you stay informed about future trends.

ASHHRA Labor Activity Survey and Report
Outsourcing, union organizing, employment growth - these are just a few of the hot topics in healthcare today.  In cooperation with the ASHHRA Legislative & Labor Committee, IRI Consultants to Management, Inc. produces the semi-annual Labor Activity in Healthcare Report.  Free to all ASHHRA members, the report contains current data and tracks historical trends on a number of issues unique to healthcare.
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Training and Reskilling Practices of Healthcare Organizations
Research Report
March 2007

ASHHRA members participated in an online survey about training and reskilling. The survey was part of an AARP-led research project involving representatives from ASHHRA and other practitioners from the healthcare industry. Results of the survey are published in "The Training & Reskilling Practices of Healthcare Organizations" report available on the AARP Web site.  

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Hay Hospital Compensation Survey

For more information, please contact the Hay Group Healthcare Team, hay_healthcare_data@haygroup.com, or call 800-716-4429.



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