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February 2, 2017 #Recognition in celebration of upcoming #HCHRweek Mar.12-18

Q1: What is your organization doing to celebrate #HCHRweek (3/12 – 3/18)? #HRNotes
Q2: What are some no cost or low cost ways to recognize staff? #HRNotes
Q3: What new trends are you seeing in the world of employee recognition? #HRNotes
Q4: What organizations are doing employee recognition right? Share resources if you have them. #HRNotes
Q5: What other holidays/celebration days are coming up that organizations can have fun recognizing employees with? #HRNotes
BONUS Q6: What are some good websites for #EmployeeRecognition and #EmployeeCelebrations? #HRNotes



December 1, 2016 the co-generational workforce

Q1: What are your challenges with a workforce that now has 4-5 generations in it? #HRNotes
Q2: What are the typical stereotypes you hear about #Millennials? What about #GenZ – any stereotypes yet? #HRNotes
Q3: What strengths and values do you feel #Millennials bring to the workplace? #HRNotes
Q4: How has your organization addressed the challenges with a co-generational workforce? #HRNotes
Q5: How we can we shift our mindsets about generational stereotypes of all kinds and of all generations? #HRNotes
BONUS Q6: What did you take away from today that you can start implementing or working on? #HRNotes #Generations

November 3, 2016 Building high performing cultures

Q1: What does it mean to be a high performing culture, team or organization? #HRNotes
Q2: What are the core requirements of a high performing culture? What characteristics must exist? #HRNotes
Q3: How does an organization achieve a high performing culture? What are some steps to take? #HRNotes
Q4: What do high performing team members look like? What are their characteristics? How do they act? #HRNotes
Q5: What’s required of leaders in high performing cultures? How are they different than those of low/moderate-performing cultures? #HRNotes
BONUS Q6: When you think of high performing cultures, what organizations come to mind? #HRNotes

October 6, 2016 Celebrating a healthcare challenge & tackling #PhysicianLeadership

Q1: Do you have a formal/informal physician leadership program at your organization? Is it effective? Why or why not? #HRNotes
Q2: What competencies are most desirable for hiring physician leaders? #HRNotes
Q3: Do you know of a strong physician leader? What makes them effective? #HRNotes
Q4: How do you motivate physician leaders? #HRNotes
Q5: Do you offer physician leadership training? Is this different than other leadership training? What are they trained on? #HRNotes
BONUS Q6: What are other new or challenging leadership groups in your organization? #HRNotes

September 1, 2016 #Diversification in #Learning Don't forget to use the hashtag #HRNotes

Q1: Why is it so important to have diversification in #learning and employee education or #training? #HRNotes
Q2: In a world that’s no longer “one size fits all,” what are your challenges in reaching all audiences when delivering training? #HRNotes
Q3: What are the different vehicles in which your organizations deliver training and learning opportunities to employees? #HRNotes
Q4: What does blended #learning look like? How are you accomplishing this in your organizations? #HRNotes
Q5: How do you balance mandatory vs. optional training and competing w/ pressure to lower non-productive hours? #HRNotes
BONUS Q6: We’re on an inspiration kick! Give us your best #learning, #training or #education quote! #HRNotes

August 4, 2016 #PerformanceManagement Don't forget to use the hashtag #HRNotes

Q1: There’s a lot of debate – keep formal performance appraisals or go rogue. What are your organizations doing? #HRNotes
Q2: What are some of the problems with traditional performance management processes? Why? #HRNotes
Q3: What are your greatest challenges or pain points w/ your organization’s performance management program? #HRNotes
Q4: What are some new ways to do performance management? Why are they more effective? #HRNotes
Q5: How can #HR help leaders & employees set better goals and reach or exceed them?  #HRNotes
BONUS Q6: Fill in the blank. If I could change one thing about performance reviews, it would be ______. #HRNotes

July 7, 2016: #ChangeManagement Don't forget to use the hashtag #HRNotes

Q1: Who (or what dept) owns #ChangeManagement at your organization? Who SHOULD own it? Why? #HRNotes
Q2: What are your greatest challenges when it comes to change management? Why is it so tough? #HRNotes
Q3: What does change management done well look like? What's different about successful change management? #HRNotes
Q4: Change experts in the chat, what is your #1 piece of advice for leading change? Share your #1 DO and #1 DO NOT. #HRNotes
Q5: Some argue gaining buy-in is the hardest part of change. How do you get buy-in from all layers of the organization? #HRNotes
BONUS Q6: What's your best quote or thought about change management? #HRNotes


Last Updated: Tue Mar 7 2017