Health Care HR Week: March 12 - 18, 2017

Health Care HR Week 

The week of March 12 - 18, 2017, has been designated to recognize human resources professionals in hospitals and non-hospital organizations across the nation for the daily issues they face in workforce, compensation and benefits, employee relations, health care reform, and wellness - just to name a few.

ASHHRA encourages all of you to get involved in this week-long celebration. Check out some of the resources below to help you get started.

2017 Health Care HR Week Resources Coming Soon!

Check out what ASHHRA members have done to recognize Health Care HR Week:

2017 Recommended Activities for Health Care HR Week
March 12 - 18, 2017

Below are events suggested by ASHHRA. Health care HR professionals can use them or create their own events. The events may be celebrated on the day that best aligns with the culture and operations of your organization.

Sunday, March 12: Unique HR Request Day
Discover the most unique requests you and your colleagues in HR have ever received (without revealing any confidential information, of course!), and discuss how you addressed the request.

Monday, March 13: Know Your Health Care HR Professional Day
Hold a contest using a brief questionnaire to ask hospital employees around the organization to define the responsibilities of the HR department. The top three winners will receive a prize.
Tuesday, March 14: Learn Together: FMLA2.0 Webinar
Gather your team to glean some thoughtful insight on navigating the ever changing FMLA regulations and discuss the delicate relationship of FMLA and ADAAA within the process.This webinar is free for ASHHRA members!
Wednesday, March 15: Hospital Wellness Day
HR staff could set up tables to talk about health and fitness, invite suppliers on healthy foods, exercise, stress management, etc.; offer incentive for participating. Find a community/local charity and set aside time to work together to volunteer.
Thursday, March 16: Luncheon Celebration
Hold a luncheon in your organization to celebrate the work of the HR professional and have others in the organization meet the HR staff.
Friday, March 17: Cover-Me-for-Lunch Day
For an hour and a half, the HR non-managers and managers switch jobs for a day; the goal is to learn what the other does day to day and gain a greater appreciation for one another.
Saturday, March 18: Career Share Day
Invite the community to your organization for a career fair that includes career development activities such as resume writing, interviewing skills, networking strategies, seminars on getting hired, how to shine, turning a no into a yes, etc., or visit a school to talk about careers in health care HR.