ASHHRA 53rd Annual Conference & Exposition
Sept. 16 - 19, 2017   |   Seattle, Washington

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Executive Symposium

Which Clinicians Should Provide What Care and Where?
Rethinking How to Deploy Hospitals’ and Health Systems’ Most Precious Asset

Despite the vigorous debate on health care reform, there is unwavering demand among all payers and consumers regarding at least one matter: greater value for their health care dollar. Whether providers can meet this mandate centers on how they deploy their clinical workforce. Even with investment in technology now well into the billions, clinicians still constitute the largest line item in operating budgets and determine the course of care for every patient.

The challenge stymieing clinical leaders is not what strategies to pursue but how to broaden and accelerate their execution. Meaningful progress on just two highly regarded aims would dramatically reduce the cost and increase the quality of care that clinicians deliver. The first is ensuring that every clinician is practicing at the top of their license, or focused on work beyond the capability of less skilled staff or technology. The second is delivering care in the lowest cost appropriate care setting.

For this year’s Executive Symposium, ASHHRA has asked Steven Berkow, Advisory Board’s Executive Director of workforce research and solutions, to explore with select HR leaders how to best help their clinical colleagues drive implementation of these two critical strategies. Joined by Joan Meadows, a senior member of Advisory Board’s nursing faculty and former hospital nurse executive, Mr. Berkow will draw on his team’s ongoing best practice research and personal experience working with leading health systems to answer the following questions with participants: 

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