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2:15 – 3:15 p.m. 

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Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016
1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

S1 - What Health Care Candidates Want: Trends to Fuel Your Strategic Plans
HR Delivery | Leader | Non-Hospital

Meghan Musbach, Director of Healthcare, CareerBuilder

This session will help uncover the truth about what’s happening in health care recruitment today, and what is coming next. Content will provide best practices to apply to your talent acquisition and retention strategies based on exclusive CareerBuilder research findings. We will demonstrate how to create a better candidate and employee experience.

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S2 - BJC Healthcare: Leading Employees through Change
Personal Leadership | Leader | Non-Hospital

John Beatty, Vice President, SVP and CHRO, BJC HealthCare
Rosanna Milley, Senior Director, Huron Healthcare

Enterprise-wide, BJC HealthCare (BJC) focuses on improving its overall health system performance while addressing changes in the health care environment, many driven by the Affordable Care Act. Learn how BJC HR has responded, the innovative methodology used to introduce critical changes and the metrics and processes developed to ensure ongoing sustainability.

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S3 - Reality-Based Accountability – Hardwiring Accountability into Your Workforce and Coaching for Great Performance
People Strategies | Leader | Non-Hospital

Cy Wakeman, President, Cy Wakeman, Inc.

Join the Reality-Based Revolution as we break down the core competency of personal accountability and give you no nonsense, workable strategies to hire for, coach for and develop for accountability in your workforce!

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S4 - Recent National Labor Relations Board Issues of Importance to Health Care Providers
Health Care Business Knowledge | Leader | Non-Hospital

The Honorable Phillip Miscimarra, National Labor Relations Board
G. Roger King, Senior Labor and Employment Counsel, HR Policy Association

Phil Miscimarra, one of four members of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), will be reviewing the many important recently issued decisions by the NLRB over the last year and will provide a general preview of what issues the Board might address in the future. Recently decided cases in 2016 that will be covered in this session include the Board’s precedent breaking decision in the joint employer area, clarification of permissible solicitation, distribution, and access rules for health care employers, new standards for union “successorship” in asset sales transactions, increased scrutiny of employer handbooks, electronic communication policies and other similar employer guidelines, and a number of other decisions that may have far reaching consequences for both union and non-union health care employers.

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S5 - Emerging Trends in the Nursing Workforce: Looking Beyond the Acute Care Setting
Transformation of Health Care/People Strategies | Mid-level

Crystal Vasquez, DNP, MS, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, CPHIMS, Director, Solution Innovation, Health Forum

Hospitals and health care systems are making transformational shifts in strategy and operations to improve population health, reduce costs and improve the patient experience. Health care human resource leaders are faced with recruiting, educating/developing and sustaining a workforce that is responsive, competent and flexible. Nurses comprise the biggest percentage of the health care workforce and are helping their organizations adapt and evolve on their transformation journey. Discuss what health care leaders are doing to prepare nurses to work in environments beyond the traditional roles of the acute care setting.

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S6 - Data-Driven Prescription for Nurse Engagement +
The Advisory Board Company Track | People Strategies | Mid-level

Kate Vonderhaar, Senior Consultant, The Advisory Board Company

Among all frontline staff, nurses are the least engaged – a troubling situation for the largest segment of the health care workforce. Get best practices to build a highly engaged nursing workforce in today's rapidly transforming health care environment.

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S7 - Data Data Data! - How to leverage the power of data in managing your workforce +
HR Delivery | Mid-level

Shebani Patel, Principal, PwC People Analytics, PwC Saratoga

Shebani Patel will share key findings from this year's HR Metrics Tool benchmark results, pointers on how you can utilize metrics in your organization, and how your organization can start tapping into "Big Data for HR" to take a more predictive approach to managing your workforce -- regardless of your organization's size.

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Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016
2:15 – 3:15 p.m.

S8 - A Plan Sponsor Perspective: The DOL Fiduciary Rule and Related Guidance
Health Care Business Knowledge | Mid-level | Non-Hospital

Richard A. Turner, VP and Associate General Counsel, AIG

Richard Turner will present an update of the new U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) regulations.  The DOL has issued its final rule regarding the fiduciary status of financial advisors when working with clients.  The rule puts requirements in place designed to ensure financial advisors act in the client’s best interest. This new rule represents an important change, elevating many common plan interactions – particularly interactions with participants – to fiduciary status, requiring additional disclosures and process change with clients.

Topics will include the following: When was the guidance published? When does it become effective? What did (and didn't) change? How will this impact plan sponsors/fiduciaries? and How will this impact plan participants?

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S9 - Transforming HR Delivery to Align with the Future at VCU Health +
HR Delivery | Leader | Non-Hospital

Maria Curran, CHRO & Vice President of Human Resources, VCU Health
Aaron Sorensen, Partner, Axiom Consulting Partners

The experience of VCU Health and research conducted with CEOs, COOs and CHROs from the nation’s leading academic medical centers will provide insights on how the delivery of HR services will evolve in the shift to a value-based health care economy.

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S10 - Leaders Facilitating Change +
People Strategies | Leader | Non-Hospital

Lynn Dragisic, EVP, Support Operations, The Joint Commission
Dawn Allbee, Director, Corporate Robust Process Improvement, The Joint Commission

Health care is in the midst of unprecedented change. This session features lessons tools health care leaders can use to prepare their organizations to seek, commit to and accept change. Participants will learn The Joint Commission’s change management model, Facilitating Change™ and four practical change management tools that can be applied immediately in a variety of environments.

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S11 - Winning the War for Talent: Leading Your Organization in the Purpose-Oriented Economy (Thought Leader Forum)tiaa
People Strategies | All Career Levels | Non-Hospital
Sponsored by TIAA

Moderator: Jim Finkelstein, President & CEO, FutureSense, LLC
Kristen Fox, MBA, SPHR, CHHR, Director Partner Integration at Providence Health & Services
Jana Brown, HR Strategy, Planning & Analytics, Chief of Staff for TIAA
Dan Gross, Executive VP, Sharp Health

Changing demographics, health care reform, consumerism and disruptive innovators are just a few of the social changes that are impacting health care today, leading to a workforce in search of more individualism, meaning, purpose and self-expression in their professional roles.  This shift will open up an exciting opportunity for employers to radically change their approach to recruitment and retention, attracting the best talent with the highest potential for their organization while at the same time creating a dynamic environment where employees will not only be engaged for the short-term, but thrive on a long-term basis.  It will take much more, however, than a reliance on traditional recruitment, pay and rewards programs. 

With a panel that includes HR experts, medical staff leaders and hospital executives, participants will have a clear picture of the benefits to patients and the organization when a culture of purpose exists, identify people practices and HR strategies to build a purpose culture from within, and determine the steps needed to manage this change from the leadership and staff to the patients and their families.  This panel seeks to break down the barriers by seating key leaders with various perspectives at the same table for a robust discussion on how to create cultures where people are empowered to make a difference, not just a living.  

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S12 - Continuing the Critical Conversation on Workforce Strategy +
Transformation of Health Care/HR Delivery | Mid-level

Tracy L. Braman, SPHR-SCP, MBA, CHHR, Executive Director, Human Resources, Lakeland Health
Mary Longe, Director, Health Forum
Amy Goble, Vice President, American Hospital Association, Health Career Center

Transformation of health care delivery requires changes in clinical practices, operations, technologies and all supported and led by workforce strategies. AHA Solutions recently gathered HR leaders to discuss this complex process. Take away solid ideas to implement and have an opportunity to tell us your challenges and successes. To provide context, you will hear highlights of the January 2016 Critical Conversation on Workforce Srategies, learn the progress of one health care organization, Lakeland Health, St. Joseph Mich., through transformation and hear about trends in changing needs, supply and demand of health care workers from research conducted by AHA’s Health Career Center.

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S13 - Data-Driven Prescription for Physician Engagement
The Advisory Board Company | People Strategies | Mid-level

Shubhang Dave, Director, The Advisory Board Company

Which drivers have the greatest impact on physician engagement? And where should most organizations focus their efforts? Find the greatest opportunities to strengthen physician partnership.

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Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016
3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

S14 - The Strategy of Preparation and Prevention:  How Physical and Financial Wellness Can Lead to Better Living Today and Tomorrow
People Strategies | New-to-the-Profession | Non-Hospital

Jill Carney, Director, Marketing, Transamerica Retirement Solutions

We all understand the importance of health and wealth in our lives. But do you realize how much one affects the other? This session will focus on the strategies of preparation now, to help prevent future problems later in life as one ages. In addition to highlighting research linking the two, Transamerica will present strategies and solutions on how employers can help employees improve both physical and financial health to start leading better lives today, and in the future.

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S15 - Measuring the Business Case for Leadership Training
Personal Leadership | Mid-level | Non-Hospital

Marcey Uday-Riley, Partner, IRI Consultants
Pam Cunningham, Consultant, IRI Consultants
Terri Hollingsworth, Vice President, Human Resources Services, Hospital Association of Southern California

Learn how to boost employee engagement and HCAHPS scores through leadership training.

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S16 - Standing in the Board Room: Earning Careers of Impact and Influence +
Community Citizenship | Leader | Non-Hospital

James Rice, PhD, FACHE, Managing Director Governance and Leadership, Gallagher Integrated

In population health and accountable care, CHROs and boards need to mutually engage for talent development that drives for patient centered care, service excellence and community engagement. This session is interactive and reviews practical ways that CHROs can earn respected and sustainable leadership roles within their organization's board room and decision-making processes.

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S17 - Health Care Hiring 2.0: Meet Rising Talent Demands by Turning Your Happy Employees Into Powerful Brand Advocates
HR Delivery | Mid-level | Non-Hospital

Carrie Corbin, Head of Talent Attraction Strategy & Employer Brand, American Airlines
Gary Zukowski, SVP, CareerArc

The BLS projects that by 2022, health care will be the largest industry measured by the number of jobs. How will you keep up with the pace of health care hiring?  Why not tap into the most overlooked resource in modern talent acquisition? Your employees.

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S18 - Risky Business: 5 Common Background Screening Mistakes Made During the Hiring Process
Transformation of Health Care /HR Delivery | New-to-the-Profession | Non-Hospital

N. Alexander Erlam, Esq., General Counsel/Employment Law Specialist, Certiphi Screening, Inc.
Sadeq Khan, Associate General Counsel/Director of Compliance, Certiphi Screening, Inc.

This session will explore five of the most common background screening compliance mistakes employers make during the hiring process, including missed red flags on the job application; "Ban the Box" and the criminal history question, FCRA disclosure and authorization forms, social media searches and complying with FCRA requirements around the adverse action process.

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S19 - Data-Driven Prescription for Leader Engagement
The Advisory Board Company | People Strategies | Mid-level

Kate Vonderhaar, Senior Consultant, The Advisory Board Company

Organizations won't succeed in today's turbulent market without leaders who are energized and excited by their work. But health care leader engagement is declining much more quickly than frontline engagement. Get strategies to reverse the trend.

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