Justification Toolkit

Prior to the conference, you are likely to have to convince your manager(s) to invest their professional development funds in your attendance at the conference. The cost of attendance consists of the conference registration fee, travel expenses and time-away-from-work costs. The total cost is considerable, so most managers want some serious justification for employees attending a conference. We have located several resources, in the form of documents that you can use in your efforts.

How to Justify Attending a Conference
You know that the benefits of attending the ASHHRA annual conference is worth the cost, but given today’s economic climate, you may need to justify the expense to your manager. Here are some ideas that you can discuss to justify your attendance in Grapevine, Texas, for the ASHHRA 52nd Annual Conference & Exposition.

Return on Investment (ROI)
How much would it cost for you NOT to attend an ASHHRA annual conference? Learn how to justify your professional development costs and how you could actually save money through your conference attendance.

Financial Assistance*
Our generous partners provide opportunities for financial assistance through scholarships and grants. Click below for more information about each opportunity for financial assistance to attend the annual conference.