Opening Ceremony

Chip MaderaChip Madera, MS, CSP
Leadership Lion

Be prepared to have your spirits lifted and your mind awakened when you experience the passion of Chip Madera.

Chip Madera is widely acknowledged as one of the most effective and engaging presenters today. Bob Walters calls him “a breath of fresh air.” This brilliant lecturer helps us to understand and find our full potential. He will demonstrate how you can inspire those in your organization, unlocking fervor and gusto for life and careers.

Mr. Madera has been a facilitator at the ASHHRA conference for a number of years. He ignites passion with his audiences, enticing people to go beyond their traditional barriers to accomplish truly extraordinary results. Indeed, one individual remarked, “Just what we need to inspire us in health care HR.”

Whether he is addressing top executives or facilitating in intimate settings, Chip never fails to challenge, enthuse, and energize. He demonstrates that the leader’s power derives from his or her ability to make others powerful. He teaches us how to release the passions and commitment of ourselves, so that, both in the workplace and in personal relationships, we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by enthusiasm. He reveals a new realm – where dead ends, despair and anger can be transformed to full participation and creativity – in essence, a whole new world of possibility.

Chip Madera is known as The Leadership Lion – The health care speaker with a heart of BOLD!  He speaks over 100 times each year with organizations like The Mayo Clinic, Disney, Westinghouse and Gatorade as well as listing over 150 hospitals and healthcare associations on his speaking resume.

He has earned his Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.  The CSP is the highest earned designation in the speaking business and is seen as the hallmark of experts who speaks professionally. Just over 500 speakers in the world possess the CSP credential.

He is the author and producer of several personal/professional development resources, a sought after speaker and executive coach. He has a unique gift for inspiring others with stories and experiences that help them TAKE ACTION.  He will get you to think about your potential and then give you strategies to reach it.


Motivational Breakfast

Henry WinklerHenry Winkler
Actor, Author, Producer & Director

Winkler’s portrayal of “The Fonz” for 10 seasons on Happy Days (1974-84) made him one of the most recognized actors in the world. He won two consecutive Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy Series (1976 and 1977), and three Emmy nominations in the same category. He was also honored with a “star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and is currently seen on "Royal Pains" on USA.

In 2003, he began to author a series of children’s novels entitled, “Hank Zipzer: The World’s Most Amazing Under-Achiever.” The books are inspired by Winkler’s struggle throughout his education due to his learning challenges and have appeared on several Best Seller lists including The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, among others.

Winkler has been busy producing and acting while continuing work on the Hank Zipzer series. He served as Executive Producer for “Hollywood Squares,” “MacGyver,” “Dead Man’s Gun,” “Sightings,” and the Disney series “So Weird,” starring Mackenzie Phillips, which was named one of the Top 10 New Children’s Programs by TV Guide two years in a row. Under JMZ Productions (named after his children) Winkler created numerous projects geared for a young audience, including “Happily Ever After,” “Two Daddies to Love Me,” “Run, Don’t Walk;” and “All the Kids Do It,” the latter directed by Winkler and which won the daytime Emmy for Best Children’s Program that year.

As Winkler became increasingly visible, he found that he could use his position to help others, particularly children. The list of groups with which he is associated includes honorary chairman of United Friends of the Children; founding member of the Children’s Action Network; co-host of the annual Cerebral Palsy Telethon; the first national honorary chairman of the Epilepsy Foundation of America; National Chairman of the annual Toys for Tots campaign; The National Committee for arts for the handicapped; the Special Olympics; and the Los Angeles Music Center’s Very Special Arts Festival for Children.

It should come as no surprise that Henry Winkler places great value on family. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Stacey. They have three children; Jed, Zoë and Max, and two dogs, Charlotte and Linus.


Closing Ceremony

Ian MorrisonIan Morrison
Author, Consultant, and Futurist

Ian is an internationally known author, consultant, and futurist specializing in long-term forecasting and planning with particular emphasis on health care and the changing business environment.  He combines research and consulting skills with an incisive Scottish wit to help public and private organizations plan their longer-term future.

Ian has written, lectured, and consulted on a wide variety of forecast¬ing, strategy, and health care topics for government, industry, and a variety of nonprofit organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia.  He has spoken to a range of audiences from the boards of Fortune 100 companies to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing.  Ian has worked with more than 100 Fortune 500 companies in health care, manufacturing, information technology, and financial services.  Recent client sponsors include Microsoft, Pfizer, Kaiser Permanente and the Mayo Clinic.  He is a frequent commentator on the future for television, radio, and the print media.

Leading Change in Health Care

Ian Morrison's
new book,
Leading Change
in Health Care,

is now available!

Ian is the author of "Healthcare in the New Millennium: Vision, Values and Leadership," (Jossey-Bass, 2002).  His previous book, "The Second Curve - Managing The Velocity of Change," (Ballantine, 1996) was a New York Times Business Bestseller and Businessweek Bestseller.   Ian has co-authored several books and chapters, including, "Future Tense: The Business Realities of the Next Ten Years,"  (William Morrow, 1994) and "Looking Ahead at American Health Care" (McGraw-Hill, 1988).  He also has co-authored numerous journal articles for publications such as Chief Executive, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Across the Board, The British Medical Journal, New England Journal of Medicine, and Health Affairs. Ian is President Emeritus of the Institute for the Future (IFTF).  Ian is a founding partner in Strategic Health Perspectives a joint venture between Harris Interactive and the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Health Policy and Management. From 1996-1999, Ian was retained by Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) as Chairman of the Health Futures Forum. In that capacity, Ian chaired a number of international forums on the future of health care.

Before coming to IFTF in 1985, Ian spent seven years in British Columbia, Canada, in a variety of research, teaching, and consulting positions.  He holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in urban stud¬ies from the University of British Columbia; an M.A. in geography from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and a graduate degree in urban planning from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England).  He is a member of the Board of Directors of SFN Group (an NYSE company); a past director of the Health Research and Education Trust (HRET), the research and education arm of the American Hospital Association; a director and current vice-chair of the California Health Care Foundation; and a past director of the Center for Healthcare Design.  Ian also serves as a member of the Stakeholders Advisory  Committee of the Program on Health System Improvement at Harvard University.