Advocacy / Labor Relations

Advocacy with ASHHRA is your opportunity to make an impact on workforce issues by:

Take a look at the following resources get involved with the process. Contact the ASHHRA Advocacy Committee for more information.

Advocacy / Labor Relations news, updates and resources in the following categories:
Hill Visit Position Papers
The objective of the Hill Visit is to continue to build relationships with senators and representatives, reiterating the important health care viewpoint. Access the Hill Visit Position Papers presented by the ASHHRA Advocacy Committee to legislators.
Labor Activity in Health Care Reports (Semi-annual)
Outsourcing, union organizing, employment growth – these are just a few of the hot topics in health care today. In cooperation with the ASHHRA Advocacy Committee, IRI Consultants produces the Semi-Annual Labor Activity in Health Care Report. Accessible by ASHHRA members only, the report contains current data and tracks historical trends on a number of issues unique to health care.


Last Updated: Wed Jan 24 2018