Vision / Mission


By joining together, by raising our skills and by speaking with one voice, we, as ASHHRA members can enhance the well-being of our employees, our healthcare organizations, and the communities we serve.
Our purpose: To establish the expertise of healthcare HR through our ability to learn and share knowledge, build relationships, and exemplify excellence.

Our power: To influence and impact the future of the healthcare workforce and those they serve.

Our promise: To keep in our minds and hearts the passion and commitment we have for our profession.

ASHHRA Mission

leads the way for members to become more effective, valued, and credible leaders in healthcare human resources administration.  As the foremost authority in healthcare HR, ASHHRA provides timely and critical support through ongoing learning and development, products and resources, and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Guiding Values    

Integrity -
We believe in trust and openness throughout our organization and will model behavior that is consistent with the highest ethical and business standards. Collectively, we will care for the resources of ASHHRA and its members by acting as inspired and committed stewards, making decisions based on our values in the best interests of ASHHRA and its members.

Passion - We raise our collective voices for the improvement of healthcare for patients and their families by leading the way for the role of HR in the healthcare community inspiring our employees and organizations to new levels of service. We believe in the work we do and model passionate dedication to our profession, our organizations, and our communities.  

Service Excellence - We serve our members, customers and partners by listening to our stakeholders; anticipating and responding to their most critical needs; and providing them with what they need most to be successful in their careers and in their organizations. We exemplify service quality through timely, effective and meaningful services, programs and products. We embrace the continuous pursuit of service improvement striving to exceed the expectations of members, customers and partners.

Collaboration - We commit to building strategic partnerships with others who will join us in developing HR healthcare leaders. Our collaborators and partners will reflect the guiding principles of ASHHRA and reflect the best in the Human Resources and healthcare industry. We will reach out to diverse groups of collaborators, partners and supporters who reflect the complex and diverse needs or our organizations, our employees, and our members.

Innovation - We challenge the status quo and remain open to discovering new ways of serving members and our healthcare community. We challenge each other to think differently and will engage in dynamic and courageous discussion and debate to improve the way we do business and serve our community.

Last Updated: Tue Mar 7 2017