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"What's in it for me?" 
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  • Renew now by credit card: Call (312) 422.2765
  • Request an invoice: Call (312) 422.2765 OR


Annual Dues:

First individual employed by health care institution $140 $270
Consultant $275 $420

Student and retired

$  50 N/A
Corporate Memberships* (for Practitioner members only)
    Category I: 1 to 5 Members $550
    Category II: 6 to 10 Members $850

    Category III: Greater than 10 - Please call:
                      (312) 422-3722


For more info on Joint ASHHRA & SHRM Membership,
 click here.

Membership Requirements


Employment must be in a health care setting. (Either health care HR or other health care occupation)


Professional consultant member employed by a non-health care institution, firm, or company


  • Current Full-time status (20+ hours - provide current transcript)
  • Provide school name and current phone number of admissions office
  • Include copy of student ID
  • Student membership is limited to 4 years.
  • Above information must be verified on an annual basis.
  • Employment must be in a hospital setting.


  • No longer working in health care field.
  • No longer consulting in health care industry.

*Additional Corporate Membership Information:
        1. All 5 members within corporate category 1 must register at once during initial registration. A) If less than five members renew, the member fees defer to general member category. B) A corporate member id will be created as well as an individual member number

        2. At least 6 members within corporate category 2 must register at once during initial registration. A) The balance can be added at another time but the entire corporate membership renews at the date of initial registration, including those individual members that were added at a later time. B) At least 6 members must renew at once or the member fee will defer to either corporate category 1 or to general membership, depending on the number of members submitted for renewal.

        3. Consultants do not qualify for a corporate membership.

Last Updated: Tue Mar 7 2017