Volunteer Center

ASHHRA volunteers play an important role in fulfilling the needs of our members. We encourage you to explore the many ways in which you can contribute to making a difference within ASHHRA.

Strengthening the Profession
ASHHRA members have an abundance of professional experience as practitioners, leaders and volunteers. Members who contribute time and talent to ASHHRA believe in the power of a professional membership group because they’ve experienced its benefits. Like any thriving organization, ASHHRA needs to keep growing and developing to respond to the challenges of the health care HR profession. Only members in the field have the knowledge to make that happen.

Opportunities for Leadership
From chapter officers to committees to board positions, ASHHRA offers members key decision making and strategic planning roles for the organization, giving members an opportunity to accelerate their leadership potential.

  1. Publishing Opportunities
    1. HR Pulse - Submit interest form.
  2. Speaking Opportunities
    1. Webinars - Submit interest form.
    2. Annual Conference.
  3. Board and Committees
    1. Learning and Education Committee
    2. Advocacy Committee
    3. Annual Conference Committee
    4. Region, Chapter and Member Services Committee
    5. Board Members


For more information on these opportunities, please contact ASHHRA at ashhra@aha.org or (312) 422-3720.

Last Updated: Wed Jan 23 2019