ASHHRA Think Tank

The Think Tank, a component of the new governance structure, became effective January 2, 2006 and was entered into the ASHHRA Bylaws by membership vote. It is defined as follows:

12.1.6. Think Tank:
As the president and the ASHHRA Board of Directors identify upcoming health care trends that will affect the HR professional, they will convene the think tank. The think tank offers proven leaders, including the past presidents of ASHHRA, an opportunity to contribute their thoughts, experience, and insights through a formalized process.

The president will make appointments to the ASHHRA Think Tank.

The think tank shall be advisory to the ASHHRA Board of Directors, and shall serve in such activities as deemed appropriate by the executive committee. The chairperson of the think tank shall be the immediate past president.

The Think Tank is comprised of high-level groups of thought leaders who come together on at least one occasion to brainstorm, discuss, and share problem-solving ideas on topics chosen by the Board of Directors.

Thought Leaders*
For the purpose of the ASHHRA Think Thank, thought leaders are proven leaders who display expertise in specific topics relevant to the Think Tank agenda.  They must be critical, visionary, and strategic thinkers with demonstrated knowledge and experience.

At the end of each Think Tank session*, thought leaders will produce an official summary that will inspire, promote, and drive change within the health care industry.

Each year, the current ASHHRA Board of Directors will decide on the Think Tank topics, based on the ASHHRA strategic directions, the needs of the health care HR field and health care industry, and future trends related to health care.

*Link to information about ASHHRA Thougtht Leader Forums.

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