ASHHRA Board of Directors Candidate Interest Form

President's Message

Dear ASHHRA Member:

I am pleased to announce the vote for the ASHHRA bylaws revision. Thanks to all of you who took the time to read the revisions and vote. The final vote tally was 337 in support and 81 opposed, for a total of 418 responses. That represents 13 percent of our membership, which is consistent with previous voting patterns. 

As a result of this governance change, you have an opportunity to express interest in a position on the ASHHRA 2007 Board of Directors. I encourage you to lend your time and talent, and raise your voice in an effort to “redesign the future of ASHHRA.” The new board structure offers a number of new opportunities. Take a minute to review the various job descriptions on the ASHHRA Web site.

In this new process, the Nominating Committee will review candidates, and in the next several weeks they will pick the best slate of candidates to represent ASHHRA in 2007. Past President Kathryn Fisk will serve as the chair of the Nominating Committee.

Because we hope to slate the candidates as quickly as possible, we ask that you consider this opportunity no later than Oct. 23.  Listed below are the steps for indicating your interest, as well as a timeline for the selection process. 

Nomination Process Timeline


President invites all ASHHRA members to consider serving as a member of the Board of Directors.  All candidate forms and job descriptions are published on the ASHHRA Web site.


Board of Director Candidate Interest Forms (click here)  are due to Nominating Committee Chair.

10/23 to 11/22

Nominating Committee reviews applicants and interviews candidates.  Based on their search, they develop a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors and its officers.


Slate goes to general membership for vote.


Executive director informs ASHHRA President of results.


Results communicated to general membership.

I hope you will seriously consider adding your talents to the 2007 ASHHRA Board of Directors. The new governance model brings many new possibilities to ASHHRA, its leaders, and its members. Please do not hesitate to contact the ASHHRA office if you have any questions about the nomination process. I hope to see you all in Nashville!


Barbara Palmer
ASHHRA President

Last Updated: Tue Mar 7 2017