Jeanene Martin
Professional Profile

Jeanene Martin, M.Ed., MPH, SPHR, senior vice president (CHRO), Human Resources, WakeMed Health & Hospitals, Raleigh, N.C.

Work Experience
June 1997 – present: Responsible for strategic planning and general operations of the following function/departments: Compensation, Benefits, HRIS, Employment, Non-Clinical Alternative Staffing, Employee Relations, Occupational Health & Safety, Retail Services, Volunteer Services, Staff Development, Workforce Development, Employee Assistance Program, and On-Site Childcare Center.

September 1995 – June 1997: vice president, Human Resources (CHRO),Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital and Health System, Albany, Ga. Responsible for strategic planning and general operations of the following function/departments: Compensation, Benefits, Alternative Staffing, Employment, Employee Relations, On-Site Childcare Center, Childcare Referral Services, Employee Assistance Program, Gift Shop, Volunteer Services, and Staff Development.

January 1984 – September 1995: Rex Healthcare, Raleigh, N.C.
1989 – 1995: director, Human Resources (CHRO), Rex Healthcare, Raleigh, N.C. Responsible for strategic planning and general operations of the following function/departments: Compensation, Benefits, HRIS, Employment, Employee Relations, On-Site Childcare Center, Employee Assistance Program, Gift Shop, Volunteer Services, Staff Development & Training, On-Site Convalescent Care Center, and Patient Information Services.

1988 – 1989: assistant director, Human Resources (employee relations & benefits)

1988: benefits/compensation manager

1987 – 1988: HRIS implementation project leader

1984 – 1987: employment manager

Professional Affiliations
American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (1991 – present)
Society for Human Resources Management (1985 – present)
American Lung Association – State Chapter Secretary & Chair of HR Committee (2003 to present); nomination to National Assembly for 2006.
Freedom Federal Credit Union – Board member (President 1998)
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – HR Committee Member (2000 – present)
Interact – Hospital Responder Volunteer for victims of sexual assault (1984 – present)
Healthcare Works – Board Member (2000 – present)
NC Center for Nursing – Advisory Council Member (2002 – present)
NC Council for Allied Health – Member (2002 – present)
NC Hospital Association – Workforce Development Advisory Board Member (2004 – present)

Accomplishments at National/Regional Levels
ASHHRA Board Member, Region 3 Board Representative (2003 – present)
ASHHRA HR Leader Model Competencies Taskforce and Leadership Initiative Committee Member (2005)
I have attended the national conferences each year since 1995 and attended the leadership conference in 2002.  I received the Outstanding President award in 2004 and continue to be energized by the tremendous resources we provide to each other.

Accomplishments at Chapter Level
North Carolina Healthcare Human Resources Association (NCHHRA) Member (1984 – 1995)
NCHHRA Immediate Past President (2003)
NCHHRA President (2002)
NCHHRA President-elect (2001)
NCHHRA Vice President/Membership (2000)
NCHHRA Secretary (1999)
NCHHRA District Director (1997 – 1998)
NCHHRA President (1997)
Raleigh-Wake Human Resources Association Member (1984 – 1995), Chair of Compensation & Benefits Forum (1990), Member, President (1997)

Continuous Quality Service Award (2002) – WakeMed customer service/quality improvement award
WakeMed HR Staff Received NCHHRA Best Practice Awards (2002) – For Job Description/Performance   
     Evaluation Tool & for Benefits Communication Materials Accomplishments
Volunteer Appreciation Award  (Interact 2004)
Paul Guy Mentorship Award (ASHHRA 2006)

Educational Background
University of NC, Chapel Hill, NC, Masters – Public Health                                                                                          NC State University, Raleigh, NC, Masters – Education
NC State University, Raleigh, NC, Bachelor of Arts – Psychology
Candidate Statement
I certainly can’t say that I am the best qualified person for this position because ASHHRA is blessed with having many talented individuals on the board and in the general membership who would do a fine job in this role.  I will however attempt to share what I feel are my strengths and abilities as they relate to the requirements for this very important position.

What unique skills and experiences do you bring to the specific position you are seeking?
As a current board member and having served as President of the N.C. ASHHRA chapter, I am aware of the commitment (time and dedication) required of someone in a professional association leadership role.  The personal skills and strengths I would draw upon as Vice President would include: listening and responding to members – what I feel is our first priority; fiscal analysis and responsibility – what I feel is a very close second priority; realistic goal setting, goal commitment, keeping myself and the board focused; planning and delivering what is promised; working with the board to establish clear standards and expectations for board members so that we all hold each other accountable with measurable performance throughout tenure; and constant communication with members regarding new services provided and value delivered.

How do you think you reflect the HR Leader competencies in your professional life?
HR Delivery – It is my responsibility to ensure that WakeMed remains a local employer of choice with high value compensation, benefits, and employee relations programs.  Our turnover rate is 10%; vacancy rates are 4% (only 2% for positions being refilled); we receive over 12,000 applications per week. 
Healthcare Business Knowledge – I felt it was very important to obtain a Master’s in Health Policy and Administration if I was going to aspire to an executive position in the hospital industry.  It has served me well, as understanding the business of healthcare delivery is extremely important for HR labor market planning and empathizing with the challenges managers and employees face each day.
Community Citizenship – I am extremely involved in community activities to include both leadership and general volunteer responsibilities.
People Strategies – At the end of the day it’s all about delivering quality patient care and without highly skilled and caring professionals that cannot be accomplished.  It is incredibly important that we listen to and take care of the caretakers so they can and will focus on the patient.
Personal Leadership – Leading by example is the only way.  HR executives must be role models and live above the standards (and policies we write!) every day!

How would you like to reflect those HR Leader competencies on the ASHHRA Board of Directors?
We should weave these competencies into our meetings, our business relationships / partnerships, membership communications, services, marketing materials, presentations, etc.  They should all revolve around these competencies.

Why are you seeking this volunteer opportunity at this time?
I have worked in healthcare HR for 23 years and have a strong passion for developing our profession.  Strong leadership must be continued at the ASHHRA board level if we are to provide the tools and services needed by today’s and tomorrow’s HR leaders.  I feel it’s my responsibility to help make it so.
 Shirley Barnes
Professional Profile

Shirley Barnes, senior vice president, Human Resources, Mission Hospital – St. Joseph Health System, Mission Viejo, Calif.
Work Experience
June 1995 – present: Responsible for People Strategy, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Staff Education, Employee Health, and Disability.

October 1992 – June 1995: VP and chief human resource officer, Corona Regional Medical Center – Vista Hospital Systems.  Responsible for Human Resources, Marketing, Foundation, Employee Health, Education, and Volunteers.

June 1981 – October 1992: administrative director, Human Resources, Corona Community Hospital – Versacare, Inc. Responsible for System-wide Benefits and Compensation, Regional Human Resources, Education, Employee Health, and Volunteers.

Professional Affiliations
American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (1986 – present)
Society for Human Resources Management (1986 – present)

Accomplishments at National/Regional Level
ASHHRA Region 9 Director (2004 – 2005)
Professional Development Committee - ASHHRA (2002 – 2003)
Host Committee – ASHHRA (2001)

Accomplishments at Chapter Level
Served on Host Committee for San Diego Conference – Helped the team plan, develop and execute a successful conference.  I have served as an advocate for ASHHRA and continuously promote the benefits of membership.  Served as ASHHRA liaison in support of regional director.  Promoted ASHHRA activities and professional growth.
President – HHRMAC (State of California) (1997)
President Elect – HHRMAC (1996)
Treasurer - HHRMAC (1995)
Secretary – HHRMAC (1993)
President – HHRMA (1993)
President Elect – HHRMA (1992)
Treasurer – HHRMA (1991)
Secretary – HHRMA (1990)
President – HHRMA (1989)

Chapter Achievement Award for work done while president of HHRMAC in developing a sound management structure and contributing to the growth of the organization and its individual chapter members (1998)

Values in Action recognition for achievement of Dignity and Service to the St. Joseph Health System (2001 & 2002)

Values in Action award for Justice in advocating for systems and structures that are attuned to the needs of the vulnerable and disadvantaged and that promote a sense of community among all persons

High Achievement award presented by Corona Regional Medical Center for significant contributions to the success of the organization (1995)

Educational Background
California State University, Fullerton, CA, M.A. – Psychology
California State University, Fullerton, CA, B.A. – Psychology

Candidate’s Statement
A member of ASHHRA for over 18 years, I have served in numerous offices, including President for the State of California, ASHHRA Professional Development Committee, and most recently as your Region 9 Director.  ASHHRA has embraced the importance of managing workplace change and seeks to continuously share knowledge with its membership.   I have partnered with other members of the ASHHRA board in order to develop the new HR Leadership Model, competencies, metrics, and bylaw changes during the past year.  I am very excited to continue our efforts as we develop a foundation that will strengthen ASHHRA and provide greater opportunity to support our members and provide the highest level of service.  My desired outcome is to grow personally, contribute my knowledge and expertise by mentoring and developing other HR professionals who are better prepared to understand key business issues and contribute to the strategic decisions.

In my many years of experience and participation as a member of the “C” suite, I gained much knowledge beyond HR that allows me to dialogue and contribute to decisions made around operational issues.  I participate in all Board of Trustees meetings including Finance, Planning and Executive Committee.  My knowledge of finance is one of my strengths and acknowledged by the CFOs I work with.

As an HR leader, I embrace the leadership competencies and continuously seek to improve.  Continuous learning is important to growing and developing new skills and translating those skills into action that contributes to reaching organizational goals and objectives.  I’m not afraid to raise my voice in an effort to advance my organization and my profession.  I can look at things through a broad lens, understanding there are many possible opportunities to address difficult issues.

I am seeking this opportunity so I can continue to give back to an organization that has supported me for many years.  ASHHRA is at a pivotal point in its history and I want to be at the forefront of our transformation and help lead the way.





Dan Zuhlke
Professional Profile

Dan Zuhlke, vice president, Human Resources, Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, Utah
Work Experience
2005 – present:  Reporting to the president/CEO, responsible for the development and direction of all human resources policies and programs, leadership development, organization effectiveness, and strategic internal communications for the health system.  The human resources department includes over 200 employees and they provide services to 27,000 employees located at 20 hospitals, several multi-specialty ambulatory sites, long term care facilities, and primary care physicians’ offices throughout the state of Utah.  Intermountain Healthcare is an integrated health system with $2.6 billion in revenues.

1998 – 2005: senior vice president, Human Resources & Organization Effectiveness, St. John Health System, Detroit, Mich.  Reporting to the president/CEO, responsible for the development and direction of all human resources policies and programs, leadership development, organization effectiveness, and strategic internal communications for the health system.  The human resources department includes over 100 associates and they provide services to 18,000 associates located at eight hospitals, several multi-specialty ambulatory sites, long term care facilities, and primary care physicians’ offices.  St. John Health System is a $1.6 billion organization.
o Implementation of a standardized HR information system – Peoplesoft
o Consolidated eight HR departments resulting in improved service and decreased cost
o Created an Organization Effectiveness department and implemented:
o Workforce research and analysis
o Training / Education
o Leadership development / Succession planning
o Pre-employment assessment test – for service orientation
o Implementation of various employment programs leading to a reduction in vacancies:
o Nurse Refresher program
o Employee Referral program
o Recruitsoft on-line candidate application
o HR intranet
o System-wide redeployment of displaced staff
o Single system wide flexible benefits program with an employer sponsored medical plan resulting in 80% domestic utilization and a cost per contract less than national averages
o Workforce metrics showing a positive work environment, reduced turnover, reduced vacancies, and improved satisfaction with leadership

Detroit Medical Center (1978 – 1998)
1992 – 1998:  vice president, Human Resources, Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, Mich.  Reporting to the president/CEO of the Detroit Medical Center, responsible for the development and direction of all human resources policies and programs for the health system.  The Human Resources department includes 130 salaried and hourly staff members and they provide services to 19,000 employees located at eight hospitals, several multi-specialty ambulatory sites, long term care facilities, and primary care physicians’ offices.  The Detroit Medical Center is a $1.8 billion organization.
o Standardized all pay and benefit programs throughout the system
o Consolidated training and development and developed a required core curriculum for all new management staff, standard system-wide new employee orientation, and a single employee performance management program which includes customer input, behavior, and annual objectives
o In consultation with an external consultant, developed and implemented a work environment survey which is administered to all 19,000 DMC employees annually
o Consolidated the human resources function and eliminated hospital-specific human resources departments and developed a structure that includes service centers which are supported by corporate functions.  The new structure includes:
o A single employment center
o One Labor Relations Department to service 12 collective bargaining units
o Consolidated benefits administration
o Significant results to date: 20% reduction in human resources staff, reduction of $500,000 in recruitment budget, $250,000 reduction in legal fees related to labor relations, $1.3 million in workers’ compensation administration cost
o Developed Executive Incentive Program – Annual bonus based on customer satisfaction, financial performance, and personal objectives
o Consolidation of Sinai Hospital Human Resources programs and human resources staff

1990 – 1992: vice president, Human Resources, Grace Hospital.  Reporting to the hospital president, responsible for development and direction of subsidiary specific human resources programs including recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and total compensation programs.
o Successfully merged the human resources programs and personnel from Grace Hospital and Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital without any employment litigation.  Project was completed between August 1990 and June 1991 while managing both hospital human resources departments
o Negotiated new labor agreements with Local 79, SEIU, and Local 547, IUOE after the merger of two bargaining units.  Issues included merging union and non-union employees, separating Harper and Grace Hospitals, and numerous wage and benefit disparities
o Defeated the United Plant Guard Workers in their attempt to organize the Grace Hospital security staff two months post-merger
o Initiated and coordinated focus groups to determine employee opinions post-merger and developed action plans to address employee concerns.  Plans included policy manuals, employee handbook, management training programs, and a comprehensive employee communication plan
o Standardized pay practices between Grace Hospital and Mt. Carmel Hospital, and Grace and the Detroit Medical Center, including cost/benefit analysis of various bonus and overtime policies.  Several costly bonus programs were eliminated without adverse impact on patient care
o Developed a formalized nurse recruitment plan, which resulted in the hiring of over 200 registered nurses within 12 months

1985 – 1990: director, Human Resources Operations, Detroit Medical Center.  Reporting to the Detroit Medical Center vice president of human resources, responsible for day-to-day human resources activities of the Detroit Medical Center parent company, the Rehabilitation Institute, Huron Valley Hospital, DMC Cooperative Services, DMC Coordinated Health Care, Radius Healthcare Systems, Inc., and Associated Hospitals Processing Facility (laundry).  Directed employee/labor, objectives and strategies for all Detroit Medical Center subsidiary organizations.
o Established human resources programs and policies for several operating units when the Detroit Medical Center system was established
o Successfully negotiated contract with the UAW (telephone operators), Teamsters (Associated Hospitals Processing Facility, Local 547 (AHPF), and Local 79, Rehabilitation Institute
o Developed and directed the Detroit Medical Center system-wide intrasystem employee movement programs and policies
o Integrated the Rehabilitation Institute and Cooperative Services wage, salary, and benefit programs with the Detroit Medical Center programs, including the implementation of a merit pay program at the Rehabilitation Institute

1984 – 1985: corporate director labor/employee relations, Harper – Grace Hospitals.  Director of non-hospital personnel, Harper-Grace Hospital.  Reporting to the vice president, Human Resources, Harper-Grace Hospitals, responsible for contract negotiations, civil rights litigation, employee appeals process, and unfair labor practice resolution.  Human resources consultant for non-hospital operations.
o Negotiated contract between Harper-Grace Hospitals and Local 79, SEIU and obtained key language and wage concessions.  Total compensation package less than four percent each year
o Developed flexible benefits administrative policies and procedures for first flexible benefits and implemented in the Detroit Medical Center
o Provided human resources consulting services for International Health Care, Multi-Care Medical, Midwest Health Center, and other non-hospital joint ventures
o Defeated the Teamster organizing drive at Multi-Care Medical

1982 – 1984: director, Human Resources, Grace Hospital.  Reporting to the hospital president, established the first full service human resources department at Grace Hospital, including wage and salary, benefits, labor relations, and training and development.

1980 – 1982: labor relations rep., Harper-Grace Hospitals, Corporate Staff.

1978 – 1980: benefits specialist, Harper-Grace Hospitals.

1977 – 1978: personnel coordinator, Parker-Hannifin Corporation.

Professional Affiliations
American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) since 1982
Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)
Appointed to the National Advisory Board for the Master of Arts program at Wayne State University (MAIR)
Graduate – Leadership Detroit, XVI
Past Board Member – Volunteer Impact

Accomplishments at National/Regional Level
Chairperson – Chapter Relations Committee (ASHHRA) 1993 – 1994
Chairperson – Taskforce on the HR Leader Competency Model (ASHHRA)

Accomplishments at Chapter Level
President – Healthcare Personnel Administration Association of Southeastern Michigan (HPAASM – ASHHRA Chapter).  Elected in 1989

Educational Background
Michigan State University – Bachelor of Arts, Business (Personnel Administration)
Wayne State University – Master of Arts, Industrial Relations

Candidate’s Statement
I would like to express my interest in an At-Large board position with ASHHRA during the next two years.  I feel that I have the experience needed for this position.  I have been a member of ASHHRA for many years and held several leadership positions.  In addition, over the past twenty-five years I have held HR leadership positions in many functional areas and several complex, large organizations.  I understand the changing dynamics of healthcare and the requirements of the new HR leader in healthcare.

As an ASHHRA board member, I will have the opportunity to continue the work that has started with the HR Leader Model.  I believe that the HR Leader Model should drive governance, education, and strategic planning for ASHHRA.  With a new governance structure and strategic focus, the next two to three years will be critical for setting the foundation for the future.  I participated in setting this vision and would like to see it through.

I would like to say that my preference is for other ASHHRA members to step up and take on these new leadership roles.  I believe that we should look for new ASHHRA leaders to assume these roles.  We need people with a commitment to give back to our profession, the ability to lead change, the credibility to get other key HR leaders and stakeholders involved.  If you have people that are willing to do that, I would support their candidacy instead of me.  If you do not have others interested in this role, I would be interested in the role noted above.
Bob Walters
Professional Profile

Bob Walters, SPHR, corporate director, Human Resource Operations, Health First, Melbourne, Fla.

Work Experience
1999 – present:  Strategic member of management team, with $13M budget accountability, including 27.9 FTEs.  Accountabilities include the administration of benefits, compensation, payroll, recruitment, employee health, and workers compensation.  Plan administrator for all benefit plans, including $250M retirement savings plan.  Negotiate all new benefit plans and renewals, and direct the recruitment and compensation activities for this 6300 employee integrated healthcare system with three hospitals, health plan and physicians organization.  Recently honored as a “World Class Leader” based on achieving Gallup 90th percentile survey scores and meeting all leadership scorecard accountabilities.  Since 1999, have worked to automate HR, including establishing paperless payroll and benefits self-service using Peoplesoft as our ERP system.

1995 - 1999: vice president, Human Resources, California Microwave, Inc., Tempe, Ariz.  Reported to the President and CEO.  Key advisor on business and human resource issues.  Involved in strategic acquisitions as a member of the acquisition team.  Human resource initiatives included developing location specific policies and procedures, benefits and compensation plans, and eventually integrating 13 companies (all U.S. and international locations) to a company-specific benefits and compensation plan, for all.  Developed incentive compensation plans for International Sales, key executives technical and factory personnel.  Supported the International Sales Organization President.

1980 - 1995:  Fifteen years of human resource experience in high technology organizations, including HR management roles since 1984.

Teaching Experience
2002 – present: adjunct professor, Webster University.  Teach graduate classes in organization development, group development and change, and HR.

1986 – 1996: adjunct professor, Florida Institute of Technology.  Taught graduate classes in HR management, labor and employee relations, and organization development.

Professional Affiliations
ASHHRA – Member (1999 – present)
SHRM – Member
The Women’s Center – Member, Treasurer (2005 – present)
Diocese of Orlando School Board – Member (2005 – present)
Boy Scouts of America – Golden Eagle Dinner Fundraising Chairman (2002)
Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Brevard County – President (2001 – 2003)
Ascension Catholic School – Gymnasium Fundraising Chairperson (2001 – 2003)

Accomplishments at National/Regional Levels
ASHHRA Annual Conference Planning Committee (2006)
ASHHRA Disaster Planning Guide writing team member (2006)
ASHHRA Annual Conference Presenter (2001)

Accomplishments at Chapter Level
FSHHRA President-Elect (2006)
FSHHRA Secretary (2005)
ASHHRA Host Committee Chair (2005)
South Brevard SHRM, Board of Directors, Education Chair (2005)
FSHHRA President (2003-2004)
Metro Phoenix HR Association President (1998)
SHRM Florida State Director (1994)
HR Florida State Conference Chair (1993)

Human Resources Professional of the Year (SHRM Florida 2006)
Leader Profile of the Quarter (ASHHRA Fall 2006)
Rugby Player of the Decade-1970's (Wilkes-Barre “Breakers” Rugby Club 2006)
Pinnacle Award by (SHRM Metro Phoenix HR Association 1998)
HR Professional of the Year (Space Coast Human Resources Association 1991)

Educational Background
Florida Institute of Technology – M.S., Human Resource Management
Mansfield University – B.A., Human Relations

Candidate’s Statement
I feel that with over 27 years of human resources experience and many years of board level experience in volunteer organizations, including SHRM and FSHHRA, I am ready for the challenges of the ASHHRA board.  My community level board experience includes Board President, Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Brevard County, Steering Committee for Take Stock in Children Advisory Council, and I currently serve as Treasurer for the Board of Directors of the Women’s Center of Brevard County.  My management experience in healthcare human resources and ASHHRA conference experience, combined with volunteer experiences as host committee member for two national SHRM conferences (San Diego and Orlando), and  national level experience as a national committee member and officer on the Area II and Area VI Boards for SHRM, add a unique perspective to my qualifications.

The ASHHRA HR Leader competencies align perfectly with the Performance Pyramid we have created and are attempting to surpass commitment, conviction and on through to culturalization at Health First.  Our charter includes hardwiring a chain of accountability/ownership through results and rewards, growing excellent leaders, engaging and empowering all of our associates and teams, and providing superior quality, memorable patient experiences, financial stewardship and uncompromised safety.  All of these points are integrated with a strong sense of community citizenship.  We exist to serve the community we live in.

If elected as a board member for ASHHRA, I will use my strategic skills and experience in human resources to help guide the membership toward the competencies ASHHRA has adopted.  I feel that the board must consider the influence of all external forces such as the economy, technology, competition, government and regulatory agencies in guiding the organization and its membership for the future.  Our members depend on us for professional guidance and for the organization to be effective we must develop tools to share for every core competency.

I am seeking this opportunity because I believe that change will only occur if we are active participants in the movement.  Too many HR people sit back and watch as others get involved.  I am a “do-er” and like to be integrally involved.  Whether at work, in the community, with professional organizations, or with my young adults, I am not a joiner, but active as a leader and “do-er.”  I have always been actively involved with our profession since the early 1980s.  I feel I can continue to contribute to ASHHRA for the future and make an impact.  As a point of reference only, as part of Health First’s management measurements, we are required to do the Gallup “Strengths Finder” as we have become a strengths-based organization.  In my top five strengths, per the Strengths Finder Instrument, the following top three were identified:

People strong in the Arranger theme can organize, but they also have a flexibility that complements this ability.  They like to figure out how all of the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity.

Woo (Winning Others Over)
People strong in the Woo theme love the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over.  They derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person.

People strong in the strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed.  Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.
Gary L. Willis
Professional Profile

Gary L. Willis, director, Human Resources, Shodair Children’s Hospital, Helena, Mont.

Work Experience
August 1997 – present: Responsibilities include managing all human resources programs/EEO, benefits, staff training, and security.

1969 – 1997: director, Human Resources, Montana Board of Equalization, Office of Public Instruction, State Lands, Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. 
Responsible for all Human Resources programs/EEO, with over 40 offices and a staff of 8, which served several thousand State of Montana employees.

Professional Affiliations
American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (2000 – present)
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Board of Directors (2 terms) – SHRM
District Director, District Representative and VP, Region 16 – SHRM
Governors Workforce Investment Board
Job Service Employment Committee

Accomplishments at National/Regional Levels
Education and Research Committee, Member

Accomplishments at Chapter Level
Montana Society of Healthcare Human Resources Administrators, President-elect and President – 2002 and 2003

Employee of the year award for service provided to the State of Montana
Award from Governor Raciot for outstanding service to the State of Montana
Certificate for support of the National Guard and Reserves
Employment Merit Awards for role in equal employment opportunity

Educational Background
Attended over 22 schools all over the world
University of Maryland, Munich, Germany, BA - Business Administration
Montana State University and University of Montana Bozeman and Missoula, Mont. - Post Graduate courses

Candidate Statement
I would like to thank you for considering me for one of the 2007 ASHHRA board positions.  I would hope that there are several qualified ASHHRA members that are being considered for these positions and I do not envy your task in making selections.
For those of you who know me I am very passionate about ASHHRA, its mission and members.  I have a very strong desire to ensure that the new Governance structure for ASHHRA be implemented in a timely manner and foremost with the acceptance and support of the ASHHRA membership.

We will be able to do this by ongoing communication between the ASHHRA board, staff and membership.  This communication must be presented consistently and accurately in order that the ASHHRA members understand the benefits of the new governance structure while making the stakeholders feel that they are a part of this very important process.  This is not only true for the new governance and ASHHRA leadership but for any major changes that might occur.  I am confident that we can achieve this by working together as a team.  "A successful team beats with one loyal heart" and this must be the way of ASHHRA.
The membership for ASHHRA has been somewhat stagnant for the last few years.  We must look forward to the future to turn this around.  The new governance structure of ASHHRA and the HR Leader Model sets the stage by expanding the opportunity of attracting and increasing our members and increasing our financial stability.  We must implement a membership drive that involves all HR Healthcare.  This in turn will grow our membership and financial stability for the future of ASHHRA.  I am a strong advocate of this concept and believe that ASHHRA will have to devote time and resources in order to grow and attain the recognition that it deserves.
I strongly support Human Resources and Workforce Development working together as a team.  This is critical with the workforce shortage that is occurring throughout the healthcare arena.  ASHHRA must continue this partnership to support and ensure healthcare is the employer of choice.  I have served over three terms under three different Governors on the State Workforce Investment Board for Montana as well as other workforce boards, taskforces, and committees.  I have attended dozens of meetings in Washington DC with Federal and State elected officials to support this concept and will continue to do so.
I would appreciate the opportunity to implement the mission, goals, and objectives that ASHHRA has set forth including the new governance model while increasing ASHHRA membership and financial stability.  I will assure you that, if selected, I will devote the next two years as a leader and supporter of ASHHRA and its members.  Thank you.
Ted Goad
Professional Profile

Ted Goad, vice president, Human Resources, Elder Care Alliance, Oakland, Calif.

Work Experience
1997 – present:  Design, plan, develop and direct all human resource functions for the organization. 
o Provide employee relations services and consultation to management team, including union avoidance strategies
o Provide training and employee development programs
o Administer compensation, salary administration, and performance management programs
o Direct staffing and employment activities
o Developed and implemented senior management incentive and benefit program
o Consolidated organization’s human resources functions and activities to a centralized office
o Developed a new human resources policy manual and employee handbook
o Implemented a new pension plan

1978 – 1997: operations manager, Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program.
Managed four medical center human resources departments providing service to over 5000 employees. 
o Provided leadership to 25 human resources staff members located at four medical centers
o Planned and implemented downsizing of all human resources staff while continuing to provide quality service Worked with design team to plan a statewide human resources service center
o Developed and implemented transition plan of human resources functions from medical centers to  statewide service center

1978 – 1996:  director, Human Resources, Oakland Medical Center. 
Provided human resources direction and management for a large medical center of more than 3000 employees and physicians. 
o Directed recruitment, employment, labor and employee relations, wage and salary administration, workers compensation, employee benefits and EEO / affirmative action activities
o Administered eight labor contracts covering over 2000 employees
o Reduced legal cost by conducting human resources training programs in labor law, employment, interviewing, and EEO / affirmative action
o Advised over 100 member management team of administrators, department managers, and physician chiefs regarding employee relations, policy interpretation, and administration
o Developed medical center administrative human resources policies, procedures, and practices consistent with appropriate corporate and governmental regulations
o Negotiated with unions a reduction in force, which resulted in minimal layoffs while meeting organizational goals

1974 – 1978: personnel officer, Highland General Hospital, Oakland, Calif. 
Provided human resource management for county hospital and clinic of 1500 employees.
o Advised department heads on administration and interpretation of employee relations issues
o Administered labor agreements
o Investigated and resolved employee grievances
o Conducted salary surveys, prepared job descriptions, and maintained comprehensive position control system
o Managed record keeping system, employee service awards program, performance evaluation system, and payroll coordination activities

Professional Affiliations
American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (1981 – present)
Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)
California Healthcare Association (CHA) Joint Committee on Human Resources – Board Member (1991 – 1997)
Youth Homes, Inc. – Former Board of Directors Member

Accomplishments at Chapter Level
HHRMAC – Past State President
HHRMAC – Past President, Bay Area Division
HHRMAC – State Board Member (1986 – 1998)

Distinguished Professional Service Award, HHRMAC (1996)

Educational Background
Golden Gate University, M.S. – Human Relations
San Jose State University, B.S. – Industrial Relations & Personnel Management

Candidate’s Statement
Thank you for this opportunity to submit my candidacy to serve on the ASHHRA Board of Directors.  I feel that my extensive background and experience in healthcare human resources, and working with professional associations would be an asset to ASHHRA and the board.

I have more than 35 years experience working in healthcare human resources.  Twenty-five years for acute care hospitals and over nine years in human resources working for a long term care organization.  I have been at the director and vice president level for the majority of this time. 

I have served in many leadership roles during my human resources work career and professional association volunteer work.  My volunteer work with ASHHRA, at the Region 9 chapter, and local division levels, has provided me with many satisfying accomplishments.  I have served as the President of HHRMAC at the state and division levels.  In 1996, I was awarded the Distinguished Professional Service Award by HHRMAC.  During this time I successfully increased our state and local membership with successful membership drives, participated in leading our division in revision of our by-laws, chaired and participated on state and local committees, and planned and organized successful annual conferences.

My experiences as a leader in my professional, personal, and volunteer roles have increased my competencies in business knowledge, HR delivery, personal leadership, people strategies, and community citizenship.  My leadership style and many experiences as a leader have provided me with keen insight to identifying problems and creating solutions with positive outcomes.  Almost every aspect of my life’s experience has involved a role as a leader, which includes leadership roles in high school, college, military, coaching youth sports, and the roles described above in work and volunteerism.

I feel that my HR leader competencies will blend well with the outstanding leadership I have witnessed on the ASHHRA board.  It is my belief that the long term care industry has been under represented and under appreciated in past years by AHA and ASHHRA.  The new structure and recognition of the need to include a board member from long term care is a positive step to include an area of healthcare HR that is growing and a vital part of the industry’s future.  I have a blended background of hospital and long term care experiences which I can bring to the board and help build representation and quality programs that will serve the needs of long term care HR in the future with ASHHRA.

The new organizational structure of ASHHRA, which includes long term care, is an opportunity to create and build a link for HR professionals that have not had opportunities to learn and experience the many benefits that are offered by an outstanding healthcare HR association such as ASHHRA.

Again, thank you for this opportunity to be considered as a candidate for the ASHHRA board.
James L. Frain
Professional Profile

James L. Frain, SPHR, CEBS, vice president, Human Resources, South Bend Medical Foundation, Inc., South Bend, Ind.

Work Experience
1991 – present: Serve as a member of the senior management team, as well as a corporate officer.  Provide leadership and direction to the departments of: Human Resources, Payroll, Education and Training, and Safety and Corporate Compliance (875 employees).
• Implemented an automated time and attendance and HRIS system resulting in improved payroll and HR processing, more accurate application of HR policies and a reduction of 2.0 FTE
• Implemented comprehensive customer service training program for all employees. Developed and implemented supporting human resource policies to create a customer focused culture
• Established relationships with area universities and colleges with financial aide programs to support employees' professional development into hard recruit positions, providing local candidates for critical openings
• Implemented an online employee performance management program resulting in an increased management accountability, a more efficient process, improved timeliness and employee satisfaction
• Developed and implemented a career ladder for various job families to promote professional growth, increase employee retention and provide highly qualified employees in critical positions

1986 – 1991: associate director, Human Resources, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind.
Responsible for employment, affirmative action, equal employment compliance, management development, and training and employee relations.  Responsible for the operation of the department in the absence of the director.  Actively participated in all aspects of Human Resource planning for the university (3200 faculty/staff).

1986 – 1991: assistant director of  Human Resources, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind.
Responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing policies, programs, and systems relating to benefits and compensation programs.

1980 – 1986: director of personnel, Elkhart General Hospital, Elkhart, Ind.
Responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing policies, programs, and systems relating to all phases of hospital personnel and employee relations.  Served as a member of the administrative council (1100 employees).

1980 – 1986: assistant director of personnel, Elkhart General Hospital, Elkhart, Ind.
Responsibilities included, professional and management recruitment, ERISA and EEOC compliance, policy development, and new employee orientation.  Coordinated employee relations programs and assisted in implementing compensation and benefits programs.

1976 – 1980:  director of personnel, South Bend Osteopathic Hospital (350 employees)

1975 – 1976:  director of personnel, Pulaski Memorial Hospital (150 employees)

Professional Affiliations
Society of Human Resource Management – Member
Michiana Chapter Society of Human Resource Management – Member, Past President
American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) – Member
International Society of Certified Benefit Specialists – Member
Arthritis Foundation, Indiana Chapter – Board member
United Way of St. Joseph County – Past Board Member
Northern Indiana Branch, Arthritis Foundation, Indiana Chapter – Member, Advisory Board Chair

Educational Background
Indiana University at South Bend, M.P.A. – Healthcare Management
Ball State University, B.S. – Business Administration

Candidate Statement
Human resource professionals in healthcare continue to face many challenges. We face issues related to mergers and new business alliances.  We are challenged to be more productive, utilize new technology, and respond to new laws and regulations.  Daily, we are called upon to create and implement human resource programs that support our organizations' values, missions, and business plans, and to provide strategic direction to the human resource function.  These are challenges I deal with on a regular basis in my role as a human resource administrator and I feel that ASHHRA is an organization that has and will continue to support us as we respond to these issues and challenges as well as the new ones that await us.  We need to continue to seek new ways to meet the professional development needs of all our membership and to strengthen our voice as an advocate for human resource management in the healthcare industry.  We also need to promote networking for the effective exchange of information including the sharing of best practices of the many creative and effective programs developed by ASHHRA members. 

My professional experience includes over 30 years of human resource experience in a variety of healthcare organizations and a major university, including positions as director of personnel at Pulaski Memorial Hospital, South Bend Osteopathic Hospital, and Elkhart General Hospital, and as associate director of human resources for South Bend Medical Foundation.  Many members may not be familiar with our organization. We are a regional medical laboratory and blood bank.  We operate four hospital laboratories in three cities as a contracted service as well as numerous outpatient service centers.  Our core laboratory serves as the reference-testing site for over 40 community hospitals throughout Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  In addition, we are the blood bank for St. Joseph County, Ind.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ball State University and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Indiana University South Bend, and received certification as a Certified Employee Benefits Specialists (CEBS) and as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

I have been an active member of ASHHRA and SHRM for over 25 years, particularly at the state and local levels. I have had the fortune to know and work with some outstanding past presidents of ASHHRA including Paul Guy and Diane Iorfida, and I look to them as outstanding role models.

I seek this position at this time because I am in a position personally and professionally where I feel I can make a commitment to this level of responsibility. With my background in both a hospital setting and non-hospital setting, I will bring a unique perspective to the ASHHRA board.

I thank you for your consideration and look forward to serving ASHHRA in the future.
Nicole Morin-Scribner
Professional Profile

Nicole Morin-Scribner, MBA, SPHR, director, Human Resources, Sisters of Charity Health System, Lewiston, Maine

Work Experience
1997 – present: director, Human Resources for a comprehensive health system with 2000+ employees. The organization includes: St Mary's Regional Medical Center, a 233 bed acute care facility: D'Youville Pavillion, the State's largest long term care facility; Community Clinical Services, a network of physician practices.  Areas of responsibility included: employee relations, recruitment, strategic planning, HR consulting, training, and leadership development.

1982 – 1997: director, Human Resources, Augusta Mental Health Institute, Augusta, Maine.
Director of human resources for an accredited state psychiatric hospital staffed by up to 800 employees with two unions and five different bargaining units. Functioned as Assistant Director 1982-1996.  Areas of responsibility included: labor relations, office management, recruitment, salary and benefit administration, HR consulting and member of senior management team.

1976 – 1982: employment and training specialist, Department of Labor, Waterville and Skowhegan, Maine
Assist employers with labor issues and recruitment needs.  Assist job seekers through occupational assessment, workshops, job referrals and job development.

Professional Affiliations
Maine Society for Healthcare Human Resource Administration, Executive Committee (1999 – present); President (2004 – 2006)
Corporate Partners (business sector-education collaborative with University of Southern Maine, Lewiston-Auburn Campus 2000 to present.  Chair of Healthcare Action Team
College for Maine Adroscoggin Steering Committee (2005 to present)
Nursing Summit, Facilitator at annual statewide forums to address future of nursing in Maine (2001 – 2002)
Statewide Healthcare Workforce Task Force (2000 – 2004)
People of the Kennebec – An Economic Connection Steering Committee to promote economic development in the Waterville Augusta region.  Charperson: Marketing the Region group (1995 – 1997)

Hal Grant Award, Maine Society Healthcare Human Resource Administration, 2006
Selected for "HR Leader Profile" in the national HR Pulse Magazine, Summer 2006
Outstanding Chapter President Award (ASHHRA 2005)
National Communications Award (ASHHRA 2003)
National Best Practice Award (ASHHRA 2002)
Leadership Award, Maine Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (MSHHRA) 2002
"ETOILE", Special bonus given to selected leadership team members at Sisters of Charity Health System
Phi Beta Kappa
Educational Background
University of Maine, Orono, Maine, BA Psychology
Thomas College, Waterville Maine, MBA

Candidate’s Statement
I am very interested in the newly created Chapter Officer Director position on the ASHHRA board.

I am passionate about MSHHRA.  This association has provided me with personal and professional opportunities I would have never dreamt of.  I “grew up” with MSHHRA and feel fortunate to be able to give back now that I have advanced in my professional career.

I have held every position on the MSHHRA board except for Treasurer, as well as having served as the Education Committee Chair.  I am very aware of the needs and challenges associated with running a state chapter.  I am proud of the accomplishments and positive national recognition that the Maine chapter has received, largely due to the dedication and competence of its volunteer members and strong leadership team.  We are particularly proud of our consistent Four Star Chapter Award status, the Web site we designed, our creative programming, and the strong affiliations that exist within our membership.  I believe my particular strengths are strategic planning, building a strong team, working together on a vision, establishing collaborations with key stakeholders and communication, communication, communication.  My recent experience in these roles will provide me with a good framework to bring the chapter officer perspective to the ASHHRA board.

As a chapter president, I saw the need to be a role model by fully embracing the HR Leader Model competencies developed by ASHHRA.  We helped our members start out with a self-assessment, and then planned our educational programming on targeted competency development.  During my term, we focused our activities on the theme of “Your HR Role?  Your Choice!”  We made it a point to “embrace new learning” by bringing in a CFO to help us work on our financial acumen.  We demonstrated Community Citizenship by taking on a project to develop an interviewing training video for students, by students, in collaboration with a local high school.  We “lead with our hearts” by reaching out to our sister GNOSHHRA chapter in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I would welcome the opportunity to apply my passion for healthcare human resources at the national level through participation on the ASHHRA board.  I believe I have solid expertise to contribute, but also see my contribution at seeking out and developing opportunities that best meet the needs of chapters and their members.  I would like to pursue strategies that help our members stay focused on maximizing their HR Leadership competencies with the ultimate outcome that we can continuously cite examples of how HR is at the forefront of leading organizations and communities.

This opportunity presents itself at an excellent time.  I have been an active member of the Executive Committee for our state chapter since 1999.  In my current role as Immediate Past President, my primary role is to function in a consultant capacity.  Serving on the national board will allow me to grow personally and professionally while allowing me to contribute at the national level.

Nicole Morin-Scribner, MBA, SPHR
Director, Human Resources
Sisters of Charity Health System
Lewiston, Maine

Lisa Schott
Professional Profile

Lisa Schott, PHR, director, Human Resources, Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Campus, Houston, Texas

Work Experience
December 2005 – present:  Plan and direct human resources and leadership development activities within a matrix environment for this 1000 employee, 216 bed organization. 

June 1996 – November 2005: Human Resources Director, The Center Serving Persons With Mental Retardation, Houston, Texas.  This 260 bed facility serves 800 people daily at 2 Houston area location.  Services include a health clinic, vocational training, residential living and a school for children.  As part of the executive management team, Reported directly to the Executive Director on strategic business and human resource initiatives.  Acted as Executive Director in his absence and supervised the HR and Training staff. Promoted to Interim Chief Executive Officer by the Board of Governors from July 2005-October 2005.

October 1994 – June 1996:  Manager of Employee Relations, Mental Health Mental Retardation Authority, Houston, Texas. Managed complex employee relations issues in the primary areas of employee complaints, terminations, investigations, EEO and ADA compliance for 1500 employees at over 30 sites in Harris County.

June 1993 – September 1994:  Human Resources Director, Pasadena General Hospital, Pasadena, Texas.  Responsible for all human resources functions of this medical-surgical hospital which is now closed.

April 1991 – May 1993:  Human Resources Technician, West Oaks Hospital Houston, Texas. Coordinated all recruitment, workers' compensation and employee communications functions at this 300 employee/184 bed acute psychiatric for-profit hospital serving children, adolescents, and adults.  Designed and Implemented a managed-care system for workers' compensation which resulted in savings of 30% on billed charges.  Developed a tracking system to monitor employee compliance with JCAHO quality standards and state regulatory agencies.
Professional Affiliations
Current Board Member of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA)
Member of the Executive Director Search Commitee for ASHHRA (2006)
Member of the Legislative and Labor Committee of ASHHRA (2003)
President of Houston Society for Human Resources Management (2000)
Member of Leadership Montgomery County, Class of 2007

Accomplishments at National/Regional Level
ASHHRA Disaster Planning Guide writing team (2006)
ASHHRA Executive Director Search Committee member (2006)
ASHHRA Board Member (2003 – present)
ASHHRA member of Legislative and Labor Committee for Region 7 (2003)

Accomplishments at Chapter Level
President – Houston Society for Healthcare Human Resources (1999 – 2000)
President Elect - Houston Society for Healthcare Human Resources (2002 – 2003)
Served as President and President Elect-Houston Society for Healthcare Human Resources – Houston. Worked during term of presidency to increase membership, improve programs and guide chapter in receipt of chapter management award (ASHHRA) and developed a local chapter Web site.
Outstanding Chapter Leadership Award (ASHHRA 2000)
Volunteer of the Year Award (Houston HR Association 2000)
Pinnacle Award for outstanding community volunteerism – Houston chapter (2000)

Educational Background
Human Resources Certification Institute, Washington, D.C. – Professional Human Resources Certification
University of Houston, Houston, Texas, Masters – Communications
University of Houston, Houston, Texas, B.A. – Radio, T.V., Film

Candidate’s Statement
ASHHRA is at a unique point in its evolution with the recent governance changes passed by its membership.  I believe the organization is now poised, based on the new structure, to become the premier thought leader for health care business and people issues.  I am humbled and excited to possibly be a part of this.  It's not unlike my own organization's cultural transformation that begun a year ago.  When I think of HR Leader Competencies, it is my hope that I embrace  and model them all, not only in my professional life but in my personal life as well as a volunteer in my community.  While all of the competencies are important, ones I have focused on this past year are Riaise Yoru Voice, Embrace New Learning and Reaching Beyond the Expected.  I am a year into my role with Memorial Hermann.  Since embarking upon my organization's culture change, I have had many opportunities to challenge prevailing assumptions about the value of the human resources function , listen to the unique needs of our stakeholders and partner with departments to strategically focus on what's most important: Keeping our talent happy and excited about work.  It sounds so simple.  Oh, if it were!  Over the course of eleven months my staff has transitioned from being transaction-oriented to being retention consultants with each of their business units.  We have accomplished a great deal. We have much more to accomplish.

I consider myself to be a quiet, thoughtful leader always in pursuit of evidence-based learning but inquiring of innovation.  You will often find me asking questions to provoke thinking outside of our comfort zones.  You will find me pointing out the perspectives of others and asking for thoughts from those who differ in opinion of those who have not spoken (you know the ones who sit quietly in meetings?) Let's be open to all of the possibilities of life.  These are examples of how I will reflect the HR Leader competencies for the Board.  I have had experience with setting up and charting the course for a charitable foundation and I am trained in GE Cap and Workout facilitation tools.

I am excited about the diversity of thought now built into ASHHRA governance.  That is why I am seeking a volunteer position with ASHHRA at this time.  We have started our climb to the summit: to be the best of the best in healthcare human resources leadership.  ASHHRA still has much to do: ensure a financially sound organization, generate profit to seed a foundation (think of all of the possibilities there); reconsider our relationships with our chapters; grow opportunities for volunteerism; grow products and services including research papers, assess and leverage our technology, reach out to new constituencies and finally engage our youth in our profession.

In closing, I would like to say it has been my distinct pleasure to be a member of ASHHRA and serve in a volunteer capacity.

With Sincere Thanks,

Lisa F Schott, PHR
Amy D. Schultz
Professional Profile

Amy Schultz, MSHROD, MSW, manager system alignment, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, Mich.

Work Experience
2005 – present:  System administration
o Represent chief operating officer on special projects and tasks
o Develop and coordinate projects to facilitate system alignment through assessments and new processes
o Facilitate and develop a Strategic Think Lab designed to promote innovative thinking in healthcare
o Architect of the hospitalization package for out-of-town patients that coordinates system-linked strategies and concierge services resulting in HFHS as the Dearborn Ritz Carlton’s exclusive hotel partner
o Created and managed first and second annual “All Leadership Meeting” for 1,150 system managers.  Meeting delivered system strategies, goals, challenges, and enhanced employee ownership
o Produced and delivered video and alignment exercises to 17,000 employees in both 2005 and 2006
o Co-managed Perfect Storm Internal Operations Team, an effort focused on increasing revenue and reducing system expenses.  $11 million in estimated savings
o Managed team to devise and deploy an economic redevelopment plan for the Henry Ford Hospital neighborhood and the development of a healthcare charter high school in partnership with the Michigan Governors office
o Conducted a cultural assessment and developed recommendations for the system executive leadership to improve communication and the interpersonal environment within the team
o Conducted a cultural profile of the top 40 system leaders to create a two-day off site retreat that clarified system strategic direction and enhanced communication between leaders
o Managed community partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit and developed the first mentoring program with a local school

o Perfect Storm Steering Committee – identifies healthcare trends and opportunities to enhance revenue
o The Henry Ford Experience Steering Committee – oversight and alignment of Service Excellence initiatives
o Healthy Community Forum – assemble system staff members engaged in community outreach programs to share information, strengthen their communication, and facilitate resource sharing

2002 - 2005: senior consultant, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, Mich.  Organizational performance and learning, corporate human resources.
o Coordinated and managed system-wide exhibition of Renewal, a comprehensive insight-based learning experience focused on corporate culture, interpersonal leadership, change management, and accountability
o Developed, facilitated and managed employee development curriculum workshops covering such topics as: effective communication, change management, behavioral interviewing, and Myers Briggs Type Indicator
o Developed and facilitated day-long seminars for system leadership in: employee and patient satisfaction, healthy high performing teams, emotional intelligence, communication, coaching, and service excellence
o Led system-wide performance consulting projects focused on strategic planning, employee and customer satisfaction, performance management, and mission, vision, and values development

o Human Resource Committee – creates the Human Resource structure for the new West Bloomfield Hospital
o Service Excellence Workgroup – improves operational processes
o Service Excellence Leadership Development Team – creates leadership development opportunities
o Employee Ambassador Initiative – growth initiative to encourage employee referrals to increase market share

1999 - 2002:  clinical social worker and coordinator of outreach services, Jewish Family Service, Southfield, Mich.  Children, adult and family out-patient mental health services.
o Managed full clinical caseload of adults, adolescents and children
o Developed and presented community workshops covering such topics as: Effective Communication and Team Building in the Workplace, Communication 101 ‘That’s not what I meant!’, Improving Communication and Conflict Resolution ‘ Are you really listening?’, and Decreasing Anxiety and Increasing Decision Making Skills
o Author of national advice column in Collegiate Monthly Magazine 101 titled “Wondering About Life, Go Ask Amy” from September – May 2000

1999 – 2002: clinical social worker, Associates of Birmingham, Birmingham, Mich.  Out-patient clinical services.
o Conducted weekly assessments for individual caseload of 10-12 clients

1996 – 1997: account assistant, Cohn and Wolfe, London, England
o Responsible for press releases, internal briefing documents, and national event coverage.

Professional Affiliations
American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (2004 – present)
Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)
Healthcare Human Resource Association
Association of Psychological Type

Accomplishments at National/Regional Levels
ASHHRA Annual Conference Planning Committee (2006)
ASHHRA Task Force – creating and implementing “The Anatomy of an HR Leader,” a national competency model
ASHHRA Leadership Development Committee – creating the first annual HR Leadership Forum
Healthcare Human Resources Association Committee (Interim Board Member) – reinstating local chapter and its program development

Educational Background
Eastern Michigan University, M.A. – Human Resources & Organizational Development (2003 – 2005)
 Beta Gamma Sigma, International Honor Society
Wayne State University, Master of Social Work (1997 – 1999)
University of Colorado, B.A. – Sociology (1992 – 1996)

Candidate’s Statement
In 1998 I graduated with a Master in Social Work degree, and though some may find that a MSW degree is only useful in the social service world, I think that my previous degree and clinical work provides me with a unique way of seeing the various dynamics that thrive in the corporate environment.  After working as a clinical social worker and developing my assessment and diagnosis skills I began to develop workshops aimed at enhancing ones overall effectiveness as it relates to communication, team building, and conflict management.  From there I entered the world of human resources at Henry Ford Health System and worked as a senior consultant in the organizational development department.  I then completed my master in human resources and organizational development degree in 2005.  My work in HR has focused primarily on creating healthy environments as it relates to enhancing communication and teamwork, improving employee and patient satisfaction, and facilitating strategic planning efforts.  Since then I have also had the opportunity to work with the chief operating officer as the manager of system alignment with the objective to find new ways to spread communication and enhance alignment efforts throughout the system.  In addition, my job focuses on managing a variety of projects aimed at creating a healthy high performing culture.

Given the diversity of my experiences and my ability to assess and diagnose the need for change, I believe that I bring a unique set of filters to the New-to-the-Profession Director position.  Though I am still “new” to the human resource field, I believe that I understand what new professionals are looking for in their career as it relates to a total understanding of health care and how they fit into the overall success of an organization.  As the ASHHRA HR Leader competency model denotes, I believe that I recognize the need to create an environment that supports career development, work-life balance, and open communication.  I think that it is essential for HR Leaders to create an environment that embraces change, builds energy, and shows appreciation for their team.  As the Anatomy of an HR Leader represents, it is essential that healthcare human resource professionals be the bridge between the employees and the executive leaders of an organization.  HR leaders need to help create a sense of ownership and empowerment for the employees of their organization and they need to find their way to the executive suite to be true partners in strategic planning.

I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to bring my perspective to the ASHHRA Board of Directors.  If given the opportunity, I would treat this commitment with the utmost respect and gather necessary information from others to support all recommendations that I bring to the board.  Though I am already a supporter of ASHHRA in the local community, I would commit to enhance my efforts to promote the vision and mission of ASHHRA and seek out others to become more involved.

I am seeking out this volunteer opportunity at this time because I believe it is essential to my career development.  I have already learned a tremendous amount from my experience with ASHHRA over the last couple of years and believe that ASHHRA offers a tremendous opportunity for growth.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the people that I have met, and have appreciated the opportunity to be involved in helping to develop the Anatomy of an HR Leader with the HR Task Force.  I am excited about all of the work that ASHHRA has done and I would be delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of the future of ASHHRA.